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For dogs who are likely to bite other animals: I have had lots of success with teaching these dogs to focus on me and walk past other dogs on lead, cats outside, and wildlife such as squirrels and rabbits. To be absolutely safe, always have a muzzle with you for emergencies.

To prevent being bitten, know the dog's temper before trying to muzzle it

Great for preventing biting and easy to feed treats through: The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle has wide openings which allow you to easily feed treats which make it perfect for training dogs with aggression issues.

Nov 17, 2009 - My 11 week old Boxer will not stop biting

If you have a dog who has shown any aggression towards people or dogs, now is the time to start conditioning the muzzle. Prevent a bite before it happens. If you have a dog that is likely to bite and you’re going to be in a situation that’s stressful for the dog, a muzzle might be a good idea. Stressful situations can include a trip to the vet, or places where you’ll be around a lot of strange dogs and people.

The best thing is the yelp and remove your hand and go away

Grooming a dog can be a pleasurable experience…until that dog bites. A dog that bites while being groomed will do for several reasons, such as fear of grooming, self-defense, or a painful medical condition. Not grooming the dog is not an option, though, because is important for a dog’s appearance, hygiene, and overall health. If your dog bites while being groomed, you will need to make grooming pleasurable, learn when and how to use a muzzle, and make your dog comfortable with the grooming process.

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As I am sure you know, it is paramount to protect others from harm; therefore, we strongly encourage you or your dog's future caretaker to use the intervention of a basket muzzle. This very humane muzzle can be worn by the dog comfortably as it allows the dog to pant, drink water and be given treats and at the same time prevents his ability to inflict a bite wound. You or the dog’s caretaker would be wise to consider keeping this dog muzzled around strangers, children and other dogs, to avoid any sort of future incident. Never leave other humans or dogs alone with this dog--it is simply not worth it to drop one’s guard. Muzzle Up has three goals: Advocacy, education, and training. Each of these goals strives to help guardians and pet professionals be less reactive and more responsive when working with dogs. It’s easy to react once a situation has occurred. A dog bites, and then we muzzle train. While this approach is certainly better than not muzzle training at all, a responsive approach allows us to advocate, educate and train before an incident occurs. In other words, acting before animals suffer.