My dog has push out bubble but no puppy yet it has been 45 min.

One thing that I always do is to stop things *before* it escalates into physical aggression. For example, when one of my older dog wants to rest, I do not allow puppy to go bother him. If I am not there, they will usually vocalize to let me know and I get there straight away and get puppy to do something else or to settle down. If I am not home or unable to supervise, then I keep in-training puppies separated from my trained adult dogs who already know all the rules.

My puppy keeps pooping and peeing in my house. How can I housetrain my dog?

I got Husky puppy Shania, one year after my first dog, Shiba Sephy. I waited a year so that I had time to and Only after I had solved most of his behavioral issues, did I consider getting another dog.

Read about how I adjusted my alpha puppy to my adult dogs.

My puppy keeps pooping and peeing in my house. How can I housetrain my dog? Understand, I’ve been involved in dog rescue essentially my entire life – fostering and placing homeless dogs, caring for sick or injured dogs, assisting overpopulated shelters, etc. I have always known about puppy mills and pet store puppies but have never shared my home with anything other than rescued animals. For the record, I AM NOT AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST. What I am is a person who believes in the right to humane treatment for all living things.

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Dear Channy,
With my own dogs, I find that the best way to potty train them is to supervise them very closely. In this way, I am there when puppy makes a mistake, and can no-mark her calmly (Ack-ack) so that she knows it is an undesirable behavior. Then I calmly interrupt her and take her outside. If she continues outside, I make sure to make a very big deal of it, and reward her very well not just with treats but also with her favorite game.

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Getting a new puppy is exciting—at least for the humans in the family. Sometimes the dog of the house doesn't think the pup is a welcome addition, however. Many people believe that adding a puppy to the family will be harmonious, and that their current dog will be a good dog "mommy" or "daddy." They are disappointed when that doesn't happen. Often, expectations are unrealistic, but in most cases what the human family members see instead of those expectations is completely normal.These observations are pretty normal. Every new puppy has had the same welcome, year after year, from my dogs. While the occasional dog will delight in welcoming a pup into the house, in my experience most dogs don't open up the "welcome wagon" when a new pup enters the family.I've had the unique experience of welcoming 15 puppies into our house over the last 12 years. As puppy raisers for a service dog organization, on average my husband and I welcome a new pup each year. The new pup arrives when he is about 8 weeks old. He is away from his littermates, mama, and his familiar surroundings for the very first time.Remember that it is your responsibility to the existing dog is to keep the puppy far enough away that he can't annoy the existing dog. It's up to you to ensure that the existing dog is able to get clicked and treated easily, so be sure to use tethers, crates, and gates to help your dog earn a click. Continue to click and treat appropriate behavior from the existing dog until he's tolerating appropriate puppy antics.