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Soft Paws® are vinyl nail caps that glue onto your dog's nails. They look like your dog's nails, only hollow. You fill them with the adhesive provided and glue them on to your dog's nails. The nail covers effectively blunt your dog's nails so no damage occurs when they scratch. They are completely safe and humane and can be used on dogs of all ages. Dogs tolerate the nail caps extremely well. Soft Paws® are at home. Dogs and their owners love them. Everything is included in the kit for easy at home application.

Nail Covers for Dogs

I don't use them on a dog, but I do use them on my cat. I love them, however, like Shultzlc pointed out, I can imagine they wear out quickly on a dog. Also, since a gh's claws are so big, they may not fit properly. If they are made of a stiff material, I imagine that would be really uncomfortable, and potentially damage the toes. Dogs do not shed their claws like cats do, so you will be in charge of removing them, filing the nail down every two-three weeks, and then putting a new cap on... To be honest, it could be a lot of work with a lot of potential problems. I personally would just throw rugs on top of rugs and cover up all the areas... Not many good options...

Has anyone used or currently uses the nail caps for dogs out there

I also increased a size, as they didn't quite cover some of his larger nails. Yes! Soft Paws® are great for protecting hardwood floors from scratches incurred by a dog's nails. To protect your wood floors, be sure to apply the nail caps to all four paws. The nail covers are also great for protecting other surfaces such as doors, walls, and furniture from scratches. Soft Paws® can even help prevent scratch injuries to people from overzealous canine greetings.

I know Petsmart has them and I've been really considering them

Tip #4 - Cover your dog's nails with vinyl nail caps. These caps adhere to your dog's nails with a temporary glue that usually lasts four to six weeks. They round off the tips of your dog's nails, preventing them from puncturing fabric or damaging floors. If you feel uncomfortable applying these caps yourself, some groomers offer this as a service.

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