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Adult dogs should be fed either once or twice per day. When you first start feeding Natural Balance® L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Potato & Duck Dry Dog Formula, we suggest starting with the amounts recommended in the table. Energy requirements vary with environmental conditions, temperature and activity of your dog. The amount of food should always be adjusted to suit your dog's needs.

The Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health product line includes five dry dog foods.

Feed your large dog Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Large Breed Dog Food. This natural dog food is specially formulated to cater to the needs of large breed dogs throughout their lifetimes, from puppy to adult. The larger pieces encourage your dog to eat slower and chew more thoroughly. The size, shape and texture of each bite are specially designed to support the dental health of large breed dogs. This dry dog food features a limited ingredient formula with just a single protein and carbohydrate source – lamb and brown rice. Rounding out the recipe are a blend of delicious ingredients that supply essential vitamins and minerals to support your large dog’s overall health and wellness. Natural Balance dog food does not include any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

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The Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets product line includes 14 dry dog foods. Natural Balance was popular at my old job as well. Mainly because people who didn’t know much about dog food would just recommend that brand because it wasn’t super high priced and it “looks” like a good food on the outside. I do not like NB however, or the people who now own them.

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It seemed her allergy had to be systemic and I became certain it was diet related. I began cycling through diets - raw meat, home cooked, you name it, but she still suffered. You read a lot today about dogs allergic to grains, but back then I stumbled on a few articles about dogs allergic to animal protein. That would explain why she hadn't improved on any of the homemade diets. I searched for a vegetarian formula dog food and the only one available at the time was this one from Natural Balance. Only problem it was a specialty food at the time and hard to find. The closest store that sold it was 100 miles away. Buying online and having it shipped was cost-prohibitive for a 60-pound lab mix. Thankfully, there was one pet store in my hometown (about 200 miles away) that sold it. Since we visited my parents regularly, we decided to try a bag the next time we visited. All of her symptoms cleared immediately.

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Find Natural Balance dog and cat foods in Austin, TX at any Tomlinson’s Pets location. We carry the most popular Natural Balance product lines and are happy to special order any product that we do not keep in stock – just call ahead to any location.Natural Balance® products provide all natural complete and balanced nutrition in a variety of foods, from dry, canned, dog food rolls, frozen loaves and treats.