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Shop for the best dry dog food for your pup at Petco and discover a convenient, economical, and dental health friendly choice for your furry friend. Known for its versatility and long shelf-life, dry or kibble dog food can be served on its own, mixed with wet food, used as training treats and doesn't require refrigeration. Dry dog food is also a favorite amongst many pups because it’s available in many different textures, flavors and kibble sizes that appeal to them. This is great news for pet parents because it means that amongst these different formulas, they are better able to find a dry dog food that can benefit a wide variety of canine needs and health restrictions. Sometimes this large selection can cause confusion when trying to choose the best dry dog food brands and formulas for your pet’s needs. In this case, your vet can often help provide you with accurate guidance, direction and even a few dry dog food recommendations. Consulting your vet can be especially helpful if you suspect your pet needs dry dog food specific to your pup’s age, weight and breed. Some recipes specifically address your dog's age, activity level and breed, which is why the various sources and ingredients in every dry dog food bag are important things to consider. If you suspect that your pup is allergic to wheat or another grain, grain-free or limited-ingredient dry dog food formulas provide your canine with a savory meal that is nutritious and also easily digestible. With similar benefits, natural dry dog food promotes overall health for your precious pooch through natural food sources and ingredients that haven't been exposed to pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics. In addition to natural and limited-ingredient varieties, there are also holistic dry dog food formulas that contain vitamins, minerals, and extra ingredients. These dry dog foods often include nutrition powerhouses like flaxseed oil, blueberries and acai berries to promote healthy immune systems. Whether your buddy is a playful and adventurous puppy, a cuddly couch potato, or a senior with weak joints, you can feel confident knowing Petco has the best dry dog food brands available to support their overall health and nutrition needs.

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Venison is a game meat that is naturally lower in cholesterol and fat than other red meats. Our venison are raised on the lush pastures of New Zealand and are always free from antibiotics and steroids. Venison can be considered a novel protein since it is not used in most mass marketed dog foods. This makes it a great choice for dogs with allergies or a food sensitivity. Venison’s delicious flavor can tempt even the fussiest of dogs.

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Natural Choice Venison Meal and Whole Brown Rice Formula Dog Food 15-Pound. California Natural Adult Limited Ingredient Grain Free Venison & Green Lentils Recipe Dog Food proves that good health starts with good food. This recipe is made with only 5 key ingredients to help pets with a range of nutritional needs, including supporting healthy skin, coat and digestion. California Natural is committed to using the fewest possible ingredients to deliver complete and balanced nutrition, choosing only components that are nutrient-rich, easily digestible and meet exceptional quality standards. The limited ingredient diets are pure and simple, perfect for pups with food sensitivities or allergies.

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As Melissa said, allergies are usually the result of grain type, not protein. Protein type has more to do with muscle mass, weight gain/loss. To resolve your confusion, please do as I have advised others, look up your breed of dog at this web site to determine which meat type your dogs needs before you even start looking at brands. While California Natural may be an excellent food, it doesn’t matter if your dog requires venison, and CN doesn’t carry that meat type. When you figure out what meat type your dog needs, you will have no problem finding a food that satisfies the protein level needed. . Nutrition is so extremely complicated that not even vets get the right kind of education in veterinary school. They focus on clinical nutrition (fixing the problems, not preventing them.) Look up any Veterinary University website curriculum and you will not see any nutritional courses. At most they get a seminar/sales pitch from the one or two food companies that make disease specific diets. I pray this changes in the near future, and I suspect it will as judging by the large pet food conglomerations that are buying out small holistic companies like Naturapet (Calif Natural.)

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