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This is another great dental care product for dogs that is manufactured in USA. The is fluoride free and non-foaming, and is safe to swallow for your dogs. It is specially formulated to provide natural antibacterial action and to deter the formation of plaque on dog’s teeth. It also helps eliminate dog tartar and bad dog breath.

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I give smoked raw bones (human-grade – same butcher I use) about once or twice a week as a treat, plus i brush 3x a week with a finger brush and he gets Greenies (or similar) once a day. We also use healthy mouth natural water additive (no harsh chemicals) and all of that has worked really well. our previous dog had terrible dental disease issues and getting a cleaning at the vet is hard on your dog (put under anesthesia for the procedure) and costly, so we are more careful with our new dog! we did feed our old dog Hill’s t/d for awhile to help with the teeth issue, but as someone else mentioned, i didn’t like it as a quality food, so we tried other methods instead.

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Natural Dog Dental Care There are many dog dental care products available and it can sometimes be overwhelming to know which are the best. You’ve probably seen everything from nyla bones, to edible dental chews and treats, and even antlers (deer and elk). Antlers make a great natural choice that dogs love! They are a great source of calcium and last much longer than raw hides and other bones.

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What do you use and do to keep up with your dog’s dental care? Are natural dental care products important to you? Share with us in the comments!

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Although initially developed with dogs and cats in mind, DentaSure is a safe and effective dental care option in humans as well. The all-natural ingredients make it a safe alternative not only for your four legged friends, but also for their two legged friends. A spray a day takes gingivitis away!Dental Solutions
Good dental hygiene is important to overall health. Just like humans, poor dog dental care can result in painful infections and tooth loss. Most dog owners do not put enough time into making sure that their dog's teeth and gums are healthy and clean. happytails has many different all-natural options to help you get started with making sure your dog has good oral hygiene. We are proud to offer:

Dental wipes
Anti-plaque spray
Breath Fresheners
Water Additives

Dog oral hygiene begins with proper brushing. We make brushing easy and effortless with our three sided Kisssable Toothbrush. In one stroke, all sides of your dog's teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. The bristles on our Kisssable Toothbrush are specifically placed to cleanse both the teeth and the gums.

Today's modern dog needs toothpaste that is made with safe, all-natural ingredients, not one that is made from harmful soaps or chemicals. Our Kisssable toothpaste has a vanilla flavor and also contains tea tree oil, which is effective in fighting plaque. Not only will the mild abrasive leave your dog's mouth disinfected, but his breath will be extra fresh.

Both our Kisssable toothbrush and toothpaste are available for individual purchase or in a convenient combination pack.