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Natural Life Chicken Tenders are simply made with all-natural human grade chicken, a small amount of sugar, salt and water and no additives or preservatives. The dog treats are now part of Natural Life’s line of specialty products including Lamaderm, a hypoallergenic formula, as well as, their newest Grain Free dry dog food and 95% real meat canned food products. Natural Life prides itself in using only ultra premium natural ingredients made in the USA using real proteins, vegetables, fruits, and zero additives, chemicals or fillers.

$10/1 Natural Life Lamaderm or Grain Free 17.5lb bag of dog food x12/31/15

The Natural Life Lamaderm 20lb dog food has been changed to 17.5lbs for the same price. My family has always bought this kind of dog food but not any more. We will not pay the same price for 2.5lbs less.

Natural Life Lamaderm Adult All Breeds Dog Food, 6.5 lb ..

Natural Life Lamaderm Ultra Premium Natural Nutrition Dog Food, 17.5 lb Apart from Lamaderm, other Natural Life products for dogs are equally good and of high quality, which is the reason behind them being highly popular amongst dog lovers and dog owners around the country. The canned food from Natural life is equally nutritious and liked by dog owners as the dry versions of the dog food.

Natural Life Lamaderm Puppy Dog Food, 6.5 lb

There are many reasons that have made Lamaderm one of the most sought after dog food. The first point is that the dog food does not contain corn grains, which makes it a perfect bet for dogs that are allergic towards corn grains. Secondly, this Natural Life dog food product has lamb meal as the first ingredient, which makes it more protein rich than fresh lamb meat. As per the manufacturers, the meant concentrate in the lam meal contains approximately 300% more protein than you would get from fresh lamb.

-$5/1 Natural Life Lamaderm Or Grain Free Dog Food, Any 6.5 Lb

Now we have an opportunity to talk about the adult lamaderm type of dog food. As we already mentioned, it has been developed for dogs with special demands and with sensitive stomachs. Nevertheless, the food is perfectly balanced and oriented towards delivering all needed nutrients to your dog. Natural life dog food lamaderm is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and supplements each dog should get. The bottom line is that the food is perfectly safe for all dogs and there are no safety issues. Still, there are a few, main ingredients. They are:Once you have discovered the allergen you can look for acommercial food which does not contain that ingredient. According toDr. Ackerman, approximately 80% of dogs with food allergies can bemaintained on a commercial hypo-allergenic diet. Some of the commonhypoallergenic diets include "Nature's Recipe", "Sensible Choice"and "Natural Life". "Nature's Recipe" makes a lamb and rice food, avenison and rice diet and a vegetarian diet, none contain chemicalpreservatives. "Natural Life" also makes a preservative free, lamb andrice food called Lamaderm. "Sensible Choice" is a third brand that isconsidered hypoallergenic because it contains neither wheat or corn andcomes in a lamb and rice formulation.