The Nature's Select product line includes seven dry dog foods

HI everyone, we just picked up the large puppy version of this food. I of course want the best for my dog so this food naturally seems to be a great choice. Unfortunately he has started to have runny poops.

Judging by its ingredients alone, Hill’s Science Diet Nature’s Best appears to be an average dog food.

I would like to add my comments and praise for the Nature’s Select dog food. I buy five, 50 lb bags every 2 weeks and the quality of the food is always very good. My dogs love the kibble and eat it without hesitation. (They usually grow tired of one brand after a week or so but they have eaten this brand for over a year now and still enjoy it.) The best part is that they don’t get gas!
The food is very well priced, especially when I buy in bulk, good quality, and the home delivery is great! I have had times when I sent comments to my distributor and I would hear from the owner of the company! Now, THAT’S service!
I will say that my dogs would not eat the kind with glucosamine but they love the Chicken, Lamb and Rice. We also buy the High Protein Puppy food and my pups do very well on it.
I highly recommend this product.

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Hill's Science Diet Nature's Best dog food receives the Advisor's mid-tier rating of three stars Nature's Recipe uses only natural ingredients and specific vitamins and nutrients to keep dogs and cats healthy. Their premium pet foods never use ingredients like beef, corn or wheat that tend to cause food intolerances. They include quality protein and nutrients without artificial flavors or colors because they believe your pet deserves only the best.

Nature's Recipe Dog Food for Toy Dogs ..

I recently adopted a dog. He is about a year old and the vet said he looks kike a mix of Lhasa Apso & Shih Tzu. My daughter told me to feed him Nature’s Recipe and I have for 2 months now. He does not eat it until right before bed. I started doing reseach and found that this may not be the best dog food. I put out many, many samples of different dry dog foods and he picked the Wellness Super 5 small breed. Did not want anything to do with any of the others. I mixed about 1/4 of the Wellness with 3/4 of his old food and he still is not excited about eating. Should he be excited about his food, or do I just by him what I feel is good for him and make him eat it? I have read where some people have said their dog gets very excited when they are about to be feed their food. I guess this is what I expect my dog to do.

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Chicken & Venison Stew Canned Dog Food

I have a cocker spaniel who has Exocrine Pancreatic Disease and she is also a diabetic. She requires a grain free diet with her health issues. I had been feeding her Nutro Grain Free Venison and Potato until they suddenly removed it from the marketing. In crisis mode I found what I thought was a comparable food with Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Venison Formula. Well what a disaster that has been. So when I had seen Wegman’s had a grain free dog food I thought I would give it a shot! It has been amazing! My pup loves the food and her other issues that appeared once I switched her to the Natural Balance have cleared up. The best thing is the price! It is half of what I was paying at the pet store for my grain free food. I am thinking of switching my other three cocker spaniels to it. Wonderful product! I highly recommend it!Hill’s Science Diet Nature’s Best Lamb and Brown Rice Adult Small Bites dog food was selected to represent the others in the line for this review.