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I researched freeze dried raw and Primal looked to be a good choice. So I thought to switch her to it and bought a small bag to mix with her Instinct dry kibble slowly. She really loves it, but I am wondering if I should try Nature’s Variety Instinct freeze-dried first before switching her to Primal. Because Nature’s Variety is designed for rotation feeding, so that means I could put her on freeze-dried raw right away without having to gradually transition. However, my concern is that the review here states for supplemental feeding only, while Instinct website says it can be main meal or a mixer.
I trust Dog Food Advisor reviews greatly and therefore hesitating about this food until I get some clarification.

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Anyway the reason I am here is because the dog is on Natures Variety Chicken Patties. He has been on these for quite some time. His cholesterol is through the roof 92-324 measurement registering at 457. He has been on a ton of antibiotics over the past 6 months so I have no clue if that effects cholesterol but could it really be this high bc of his food? Very concerning since I am spending $250 a month thinking my dog is eating top notch food and its more like McDonalds.

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Nature's Variety is the company behind industry-leading, natural and raw pet .. Anyhow, I do highly recommend Nature’s Select to anybody and everybody but to keep in mind every individual dog is different and unique. I’ve never had any issues feeding Nature’s Select brand dog food and the Customer Service has ALWAYS been excellent!! Very friendly, down to earth and my local guys have been very Rescue Friendly and kind!!

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I would like to add my comments and praise for the Nature’s Select dog food. I buy five, 50 lb bags every 2 weeks and the quality of the food is always very good. My dogs love the kibble and eat it without hesitation. (They usually grow tired of one brand after a week or so but they have eaten this brand for over a year now and still enjoy it.) The best part is that they don’t get gas!
The food is very well priced, especially when I buy in bulk, good quality, and the home delivery is great! I have had times when I sent comments to my distributor and I would hear from the owner of the company! Now, THAT’S service!
I will say that my dogs would not eat the kind with glucosamine but they love the Chicken, Lamb and Rice. We also buy the High Protein Puppy food and my pups do very well on it.
I highly recommend this product.

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Lassie Natural Way features premium and super-premium dog foods and treats designed to satisfy even America’s Top Dog! Our unique foods are nutrient rich and contain high quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, minerals, vitamins, fats and oils. The very best ingredients for your best friend! All Lassie Natural Way soft & chewy treats are meat based and make a great reward or training treat.Nature's Domain Beef and Sweet Potato dog food - I have a Westie I began feeding this dog food to. I had always fed him Science Diet but was trying to find something less expensive so I switched to Kirkland's brand. Big mistake. After a few weeks on it my poor boy began having stomach issues, itchy skin and dragging his bottom on the carpet several times a day. Vet said it was the grains in the food making his bottom itch, thus the rubbing it on the carpet. Completely grossing me out! Needless to say I switched his food back.