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When bathing your Newfoundland, always use a good quality dog shampoo. These can be purchased at dog shows or in dog supply catalogs. I like to use a concentrated shampoo that I dilute appropriately. After you have your dog all lathered up, take a little extra time to give a good body massage. This makes for a good experience for the dog in getting a bath. Be sure to rinse the coat thoroughly, as any shampoo left in the coat can cause flaking and other problems. Following the bath, dry your potential show dog with a blow dryer. The more powerful ones shorten the time required! It is best to comb the dog in the direction the coat lays the entire time the drying process is occurring. This can help train the coat to lie flatter and eliminates dryer mats.

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If you are a happy owner of Newfoundland, you know that yourgentle giant deserves the best. Provide your pet with PremiumQuality Dog Training Gear. Supplies which include comfortable ,everyday ,durable , different, designer andother dog accessories.

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Lynn's Grooming & Supplies specializes in grooming Newfoundland Dogs and dog grooming supplies, such as high velocity dryers (K-9, Metro, and EZ-Groom). 130 pound purebred male Newfoundland dog, aged 2 seeks loving home near Oklahoma City OK. Tucker is neutered, up to date on shots and very healthy. Supplies Included.

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