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What I like about Nutro High Protein-Grain Free is that all three large breed dogs seem to enjoy it. It appears to make for less shedding than some cheap brands of dog food. There is less defecation to clean up which is nice. You don't have to feed as much as cheap food to maintain a good body weight on this food. The bloodhound, GSP and Weimaraner all love Nutro and it seems great for their coat. But the size of Nutro bags compared to some other dog food and the cost is something I'm not especially happy about leavings me wondering if there are other equal dog foods out there for cheaper price.

The Nutro Wholesome Essentials product line includes 22 dry dog foods.

Hi Jonathan… You’ve got the right idea. It’s just that none of these Nutro products even comes close to the low quality of the other 1-star dog foods on our website. Check out a few of them and look at how much worse they are than Nutro Max.

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Judging by its ingredients alone, Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet looks like an above-average dry dog food. I did a lot or researching online and some trial and error. I wanted to make sure it was something he would love so he tried a lot of them even though you shouldn't switch dog foods. He loved Nutro High Protein-Grain Free the best and loves the taste of it and the different flavor combinations that are unique to the product. It seems very well thought out and benefits my dog's health and spirits in every way. However, it can be hard to find or keep in stock at the stores I shop at. And they should have more flavor varieties, as well.

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Dog food should deliver natural nutrients targeted to dog's unique life stage, breed size, and health condition. It should be liked by my dog and it will come out in various forms. Nutro Dog Food uses the high-quality natural ingredients in all canned, dry dog, and treat foods. It has good amount of protein, grain-free and tastes good. It also contains all essential nutrients that my dog needs. It is very different from other dog foods. Moreover, my dog loves it.

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After searching your reviews, I bought a can of Nutro Max Beef and Rice Dinner for my super-picky six-year-old Chihuahua. I couldn’t believe it — she had her little nose in the bowl before I could set it on the ground! She licked the bowl clean. I’ve tried so many different dog foods, both cheaper and more expensive, and she has never responded like this before. And I feel great knowing that she’s eating high-quality ingredients and getting the nutrition she needs. Thank you so much for this website!I am back to the drawing board on trying foods. I liked a turkey limited ingredient and maybe should have stayed with it. It was a bit more expensive. Switched to a chicken/rice at petsmart and our dog got a giant boil. Could be unrelated but some say that certain kibble contributes to skin boils. I have just purchased Nutro Ultra but I am not sure we want to stick with this after reading reviews. I found a few local companies that I might try. I don’t know!!