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Going to return remaining and suggest NO ONE BUY THIS DOG FOOD: NUTRO GRAIN FREE FISH MEAL AND POTATO. I shouldve listened to the similar reviews but figured that it might work for us. Never going near another Nutro brand garbage product!!

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I have fed Nutro to my golden retriever since she was a tiny puppy, and we loved it. She would throw up yellow bile occasionally, but we had her checked out at the vet, and they thought she just needed to eat more often. We then got a rescue dog with some food allergies, so I started researching grain free foods for him, and came across many reviews for Nutro that mentioned the periodic bile vomiting. We changed our Golden to a different brand, and she hasn’t thrown up since! I really liked this brand (soft, shiny coat, lots of energy, she loved the taste, good price, etc) , but won’t buy again because of this issue.

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May 11, 2015 - We have selected Nutro High Protein-Grain Free Adult Dog Food Duck & Chickpeas Recipe for this review Hi everyone; I have researching dry dog foods for months now and i am looking for a food that does not have potato, beet pulb, garlic or vit k in it. I looked into Evangers grain free. It has a 5 star rating and it seems to be what i want but as i see comments most people do not like it. i have 2 rescue dogs, 1 is a lhasa/maltese mix and the other 1 is a maltese/yorkie mix they tell me. I have tried bb and the lhasa had a bad itching reaction to it. I also tried Wellness but since i found out it is by the Diamond company i stopped that one also They are now eating Nutro Natural and i see all the bad reviews so i am affraid of useing that on also even tho that are going good on it. Please let me know why Evangers is not like by a lot of people. Thanks for your help in finding the best dog food for my little ones..

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Great reviews online. Nutro High Protein-Grain Free is a natural product that will not upset my dog's stomach or her skin. Healthier and gives my dog energy. Also, it is made by a reputable company where I can be worry free and confident I am giving my dog something good that she enjoys and cherishes. She loves it a lot. I wish it could be cheaper however you get what you pay for and I am very happy about the product. I would also be happier if it came in 5 or 6 different sizes. Sometimes I cannot fit the big bags. But Nutro dog has definitely exceeded my expectations for dog food and it would take a lot for me to switch brands.

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