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I had been feeding my Rottie and Lab Nutro Large Breed dog food for several years. In November, 2009, I started feeding them Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult food thinking it would be better for them being holistic. I noticed my lab would vomit bile quite often. He had his annual vet visit on Feb. 16, 2010. That morning he had vomited again. His liver enzymes were slightly elevated as were my Rotti's on her last visit. I opened a new bag of food on Sat. Feb. 20th and fed them. Later that day, I found 3 large piles of vomited food. My Rotti walked away from her food when I fed her that evening. I gave it to her about an hour later and she finally ate it. The next day my lab refused to eat. I was finding yellow bile each day on the floor.

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I want to see if my dog liked the taste of Wild Frontier. Unfortunately, my dog didn't care for the taste in the kind I bought. I did buy another and again, she didn't like the taste so I switched to Canidae brand. But Nutro Dog Food looked better than some of the other brands out there and I like the fact that they use natural ingredients in their food. However, they shouldn't use byproducts, add good meat instead of the junk meat pieces like leftover meat or ground bone meal and don't add any wheat, corn or peas to the food. A lot of dogs have sensitive stomachs and cannot digest those grains or proteins. I also liked that it was a holistic type of dog food without any added chemicals. The last time my dog a typical brand of dog food she ended up with itchy skin and diarrhea. She was miserable for a few weeks and then I switched dog food and she felt much better.

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Nutro Ultra Holistic Superfood Adult Wet Dog Food - Clean Label Project After starting Harley on Nutro Ultra, she began a gradual decline in her health, 3 weeks later she had an extremely bad UTI, drank water excessively, urinating frequently and everywhere, especially places she knew she should go (on the couch and on the beds), she had foul body odor, trembling, and her coat had bad dandruff. At first the vet thought that this was not related to the food change(but she sever told us what the other symptoms could be from really ) so we gave her 2 weeks of an antibiotic (Clavamox, which had great reviews on results). When I saw the labs, she had crystals in her urine She seemed to have much improvement after the meds were done (not 100%) so we thought she should be fine. But a gradual decline occurred right away and 2 weeks later again we are now starting another round of UTI treatment. I am 99.9% sure that this happened because of the food. So right now I have switched her to the bluebuffalo wilderness for small breeds (no transition) and the first day shows improvement all ready. NO accidents have happened from the time when the dog took the med. So I will write more when I discover it was the food doing this to her little body. Instant for running $240 in tests. I am going to use my holistic approacph by giving her the Blue wilderness food from now and also until she is feeling better I will use the wysong Ph Biotic – as well. If I was wrong then I guess I’ll runn their $240 tests but I am pretty sure I’m correct in this matter.

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We have two Saint Bernard dogs who had been on Nutro Lamb and Rice Large Breed for years, with great success. Recently one of our dogs, who has lots of allergies, began to show signs of food intolerance: vomiting phlem, lack of appetite. I suspected the formulation of the food might have changed. We switched both of them to Holistic Select Salmon, Sardine and Anchovy. After only a few days, he is much improved.

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