our dog love ol’ roy dry dog food

lol kinda aready told him the dog food he is feeding his dog is crap yesterday….lol when i met my husband and his co-workers for lunch and he said he gives his wolf mix ol roy i was just at a loss of words you should of seen my fac… i was like thats like the worst dog food you could give your dog…. so that one is already out of the box lol

Ol’ Roy Skin and Coat Formula Dog Food receives the Advisor’s lowest tier rating of 1.5 stars.

I purchased a 50-LB bag of your dog food of Ol Roy Bacon flavor and it made my puppy to lose fur and the Ol Roy Complete Nutrition Dog food we been using for 5 years without no problems. We tried the Bacon Flavor - it harm my animals.

Ol’ Roy Dog Food receives the Advisor’s lowest rating of 1 star.

Ol’ Roy Tasty Benefits Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-lowest tier rating of 2.5 stars. Yes they have a High Quality Ol’Roy that I have been feeding my Saint Bernard, Jacksonville Hound, and Bull Terrier , she is 12 years old. and btw when I see all the dog food recalls it is usually for the “so-called” better brands???

The Ol’ Roy product line includes nine dry dog foods.

Thank you for your information, Ol’ Roy makes this also… Ol’ Roy: Dog High Performance Food , this is the one I have been feeding my dogs. They are all very big and healthy, active dogs. I don’t know I think no matter what brand we use someone won’t like it. Also my dogs eat 150 lbs. of food a month!!!

where are OL’Roy dog food products made..???

Only a single batch of 55-pound bags of Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition dog food is being recalled. The dog food was produced at a plant in Manassas and distributed to 69 Wal-Mart stores in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Ohio. Forty of the stores are in Virginia.I've used Ol' Roy for my dogs for years - all growing up and they were always healthy and perfectly fine. No problems, nothing. But as of a week or two we bought Ol' Roy's Bacon dog food thinking that one of our new dogs would love it. What dog doesn't like bacon grease infused food? He ate it strangely when we got it, uncertain of it. But we thought nothing of it. Now he has been vomiting every time he ate that food and several times in a day and having diarrhea as well! We switched him from it to Ol' Roy's gravy train and he's fine now. He's getting health looking again and the vomiting has stopped as well as the diarrhea. My little dog began eating Little Ceasars wet food a few months ago while visiting my mother. It was given to him as a treat. Mom said "you must buy this because he loves it". I said "no, he gets enough junk at home". But I bought it a few times. Then the flavor he liked became hard to find because it is popular. One day I noticed Ol Roy in pouches in the same flavor and was 20 cents per pack cheaper. I have been buying Ol Roy ever since. Rusty will not accept any other treat or food until he gets his (steak) Ol Roy filet mignon. Just thought you would like to know Rusty is a satisfied customer.I had a blue razor edge pit bull that I feed Ol Roy. He was fine till one day I came and he was just lying around. Long story short he died before I could do anything. He was my baby. Had him since a pup and he loved everyone but one hell of a good dog. I promise I will never feed my next dog this food. Losing a dog is like losing a family member.