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Antlers are an economical, long-lasting chew for dogs. We select only the freshest brown antlers from this year’s shed, and this translates to the highest quality and greatest nutritional value for your dog. Hypo-allergenic, odorless and beneficial in removing plaque and tarter from a dog’s teeth, Betsy’s antlers are a renewable resource, a dog chew that is rich in the minerals needed in a good dog diet: calcium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc & manganese.

no it's not, it's not something we can smell so we consider it odorless, dogs can

While we’re proud to carry a complete selection of Made in USA Free Range bully sticks for dogs, we’re especially excited to bring you our very own Mickey’s brand of 95% odorless bully sticks.

Dachshunds are odorless and exceptionally clean dogs

Antler Chews: an economical, hypo-allergenic, odorless chew that promotes a dog’s dental health. Dachshunds are odorless and exceptionally clean dogs. The Miniature is mature by 12 months of age, while the Standard may not be fully mature until he reaches 18 months of age. Dachshunds are exceptionally long-lived dogs, with many living until 12 to 14 years of age. Regardless of size or variety, the Dachshund is easily maintained and managed, thus making it a most desirable companion.

Wholesale Odorless Thick Bully Sticks for Dogs (100-Sticks Pack)

Unpleasant tastes are unlikely to be successful unless the product is suitably noxious as well as odorless (so that the pet cannot detect its presence in the stool). To use a taste aversive deterrent, while the dog is out of sight, open up the stool with a disposable plastic utensil, insert the taste deterrent into the center, then close the stool and replace it for the dog to find. Most dogs however, either develop a tolerance to the taste, or learn to avoid those stools that are pretreated. Experimentally, the only form of taste aversion that is consistently effective is something that becomes associated with nauseousness.

Are you looking for an odorless dog breed

This source over-summarizes to the point of being misleading. While LSD is odorless to humans, dogs can be trained to detect compounds that we simply cannot smell. LSD is one of these, but only extremely rarely would dogs be trained to detect LSD. In fact, I doubt this really happened very far beyond demonstrations to show that it could be done.For odorless dogs, I'd reccomend the soft coated wheaten terrier, westies, cairns, borders, papillions (sp?), kerry blues, poodles, bichons, havenese, shih tzus (of course the owners have to keep up with their eyes), and sighthounds, especially greyhounds. Retired racing greyhounds make GREAT pets and they are virtually odorless! Plus, you are saving a life when you adopt one of those couch potatoes. Just think - even the Simpsons adopted Santa's Little Helper and he is a much loved addition to the Simpson family!Bathing the dog too often may strip its fur off natural oils, hence only give your furry friend a bath when they are in dire need of it or are dirty. Luckily, GSD, despite being heavy shedders are generally clean and odorless dogs. Additionally, trim your dog’s nails after every few weeks and inspect their ears for signs of infections. As German Shepherds love to chew, we advise you stock up on tons of dog chew toys that will prevent tartar buildup and satisfy their chewing habits at the same time. Do not forget to brush their teeth at least a few times a week.For those of you who just can’t stand the smell of dogs, here’s a brief list of so-called “odorless dog breeds“. (No guarantees ? )