Keep your dog off the ground with our DuraMesh Elevated Dog Bed.

The elevated or cot indestructible beds – These are beds which have an elevation and keep the dog a little off the ground. Suitable in rainy seasons and times when it is too hot, as the lower space allows cooling. These beds are easy to shift places inside or outside. Although they can be really easy to move around and shift, these beds are light and not as soft as the cushions and hence lack a little of comfort.

Raised dog beds are a great way to keep your dog elevated off of the cold ground, mud, or wet grass.

Cot style dog beds are made with aircraft-grade aluminum. It not only tastes bad, but it doesn't crush the way lightweight aluminum does. Surprisingly, some dogs can bend and break lightweight aluminum chairs with their teeth, but few can even dent aircraft-grade aluminum. The cot bed is also beneficial because it elevates your dog off the hot ground and allows air to circulate beneath him. During winter, you can outfit your dog cots with sherpa pads designed to securely attach to the legs of the cot.

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Today, , allowing dogs to stay cool from extra air circulation and enjoy the many other benefits that off the ground dog beds have to offer. Because these elevated dog beds raise your canine off the ground, they help your pet stay at a comfortable temperature, especially during muggy summer months out-of-doors ().

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For the pup who likes to be off the ground to better survey his environment, there are Raised Dog Beds. These types of resting places look like dog sofas set on a frame. These are especially good to help keep your pup off the cold floor and can make the area around it easier to clean.

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Elevated dog beds work well with dogs of any age, however, as your dog begins to age they (and you!) will begin to appreciate a much firmer sleeping area. Often times with softer “cushion” like dog beds, the sleeping experience can be less comfortable than a consistent, supportive surface. In addition, providing a raised surface for your pet leaves less room for unsanitary conditions (the sleeping surface is raised off of the ground). This makes the beds extremely easy to clean, simple to move around, and practical in almost any situation.When it comes to flea and tick infestation we're sure you'll agree that any extra protection is welcome. Raised dog beds, because they are up off the ground, help deter fleas and ticks from jumping on your dog.