Jan 30, 2017 - Does a dry nose mean my dog is sick

In colder months, dogs like to spend their afternoons close to the heater – they like the warm air blowing on their face. But, this heat can cause your pup’s nose to dry out and even a cracked nose. If it doesn’t go back to a moist state, apply some petroleum jelly to it.

A: The common belief that a healthy dog has a cold, wet nose and a sick dog has a hot, dry nose is FALSE.

Dog owners should not be too concerned if the pet gets a dry nose. Dogs really do get dry noses from time to time. A dog that has been sleeping may have a dry nose especially if the pet has stayed in front of the fire for hours. A dry nose is usually observed when temperature changes. Being most exposed to the weather, the nose can get sunburned or damaged by the coldness of the wind and snow. This situation can be easily remedied with an application of petroleum jelly. This simple treatment is necessary to prevent the condition from worsening. The skin on the nose can crack if it gets excessively dry. Wounds will form and infection will set in. Cleansing the nose with warm soapy water and moisturizing with an application of a thin film petroleum jelly is important. Aloe is an effective treatment for dry sunburned nose as well.

Question: Is My Pet Acting This Way Due to Old Age or Is He Sick?

Oct 13, 2016 - My 13 year old boxer has a very dry nose and the coconut oil seems to help so long as the other dogs do not lick it off. Hope this helps. Virgin Coconut oil also seems to help the nose issue. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal as well. My 13 year old boxer has a very dry nose and the coconut oil seems to help so long as the other dogs do not lick it off. Hope this helps. (He doesn't like the application process, I usually have to straddle him and make it happen, he is not willing, yet he does act as though he gets relief from the treatment) I also feed him a spoonful a couple of times a week for his coat, and all around health.

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In a dog, dry nose conditions are common for short periods due to the sun, heaters, or upon waking. If the dog's nose is dry for an extended period of time, this might indicate that your pet is dehydrated, suffering from allergies, or sunburned. A cold or other infection could cause a dry nose, but the presence of unusual mucous is a more likely indicator of disease. For any dog, dry nose treatment can be as simple as increasing his water intake, adding omega-3 fatty acid supplements to his diet, or eliminating allergens, plastics, and excess sun exposure.

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Idiopathic nasal hyperkeratosis is most commonly noted in middle aged to older dogs with the Cocker spaniel being over represented. It has also been suggested that it is a senile change. It may be concurrently associated with pad hyperkeratosis. The nose becomes dry, rough and hyperkeratotic, especially on the dorsum of the nose. Fissures, erosions and ulcers are only occasionally noted. There is no depigmentation or inflammation. This is an important observation which helps to clinically differentiate the lupus or pemphigus group of diseases (which may also be hyperkeratotic). The diagnosis is generally made on a clinical basis. Therapeutic considerations include the daily topical administration of Kerasolv (DVM pharmaceuticals; salicylic acid, sodium lactate and urea in propylene glycol), Bag Balm or tretinoin gel (Retin-A;Ortho). Petrolatum may also be used. More rapid removal of the hyperkeratotic debris may be facilitated by pre-hydrating the planum (water compresses for 5-10 minutes) prior to application. Oral vitamin A may also be of benefit. Dosages are usually in the range of 8,000 to 20,000 Units BID. Although there is nothing "new" about this disease, it must be differentiated from a disease that not as well recognized by most - nasal hyperkeratosis associated with xeromycteria. Give it a try — reach over and feel your pup’s nose. Is it smooth, cool and moist? Or is it rough and dry? You may not have given it much thought before, but a dry nose can quickly go from bad to worse, if not treated properly. If left alone, your dog’s dry nose can quickly begin to form crusty scabs that crack and bleed. Contrary to the old wives’ tale, a dry nose doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is sick — but it does often indicate an underlying issue.