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Oral preventatives are also more convenient for many people. Unlike topical flea preventatives, oral treatments are easy to administer and won't create a sticky mess. The oral medications are available in either a beef-flavored tablet or soft chew. Many pets will eat these medications like treats, making it easy to give them their monthly dose of flea prevention. If you choose , your dog will be protected against fleas and ticks for up to 12 weeks!

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I lost my dog 7 weeks after giving her an oral flea medication. The problems started immediately and just continued to get worse. She was a perfectly healthy 9 month old pup, and she passed away 1 week ago. I am devastated. Has anyone had similar problems?

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Kill dog fleas with an oral prescription medication option, like Comfortis While these oral tick/flea medications will kill fleas or ticks after they bite, they do not repel. So unfortunately they don’t prevent your dog from picking up fleas or ticks. You shouldn’t find engorged ticks on your dog, but you might find them crawling around on the dog, or dead ticks where your dog sleeps or hangs out.

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You'll need to be sure to check with your veterinarian before giving your dog any kind of medication. Oral flea and tick preventatives for dogs are gaining popularity with vets and pet owners. They are safe, easy to use and extremely effective, .

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Advantus Oral Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs are an easy-to-administer, tasty oral flea treatment for dogs and puppies. Available without a prescription, Advantus Oral Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs are an ideal way to quickly and easily address a flea infestation without bathing, spraying or powdering your pet. This tasty soft chew starts to kill adult fleas within one hour and has been shown to achieve greater than 96% effectiveness within 4 hours. Advantus Oral Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs can be used as a convenient alternative to sprays and flea shampoos to quickly kill biting fleas on your dog. It is also safe to use together with other treatments including heartworm preventatives, corticosteroids, antibiotics, vaccines, de-worming medications, and shampoos. This fast-acting formula is a quick fix for a flea infestation problem and can be safely given once per day as needed. Discover how oral dog flea and tickproducts protect your pet. While many people know of topical treatments, they are not always the best solution. In homes with multiple pets, especially where the pets common groom each other, accidental ingestion of the medications is a serious risk.