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Feeding a dog a healthy food that's right for him can have an amazing impact on his health and wellbeing. Here's a list of the brands of healthy dog food we currently carry. All Mud Bay stores have the same formulas of dog food, but a couple of our smallest stores don't have enough space for all of the sizes and flavors. Please contact our for more information.

We carry the following brands of dog food. Click on brand name to see more information.

I want to introduce you to a real “Party Animal”, my dog Sushi. Sushi is a 12-1/2 year old Akita that was a horrible eater until I tried Party Animal over two years ago. I had tried every premium brand of pet food out before coming across Party Animal. Most of them she would just walk away from after a few bites, or push her food bowl all around the house and then walk away. She loved Party Animal from the start! Her appetite has improved and she is going strong at 12-1/2 years old! It’s an amazing change, and I attribute the wonderful quality of your food to her increased appetite. When strangers meet Sushi they cannot get over how good she looks and always think Sushi is much younger than she is. After all, it’s important for a girl to keep her looks, and your wonderful food with all the tasty choices is a big part of why Sushi looks so good!

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Visit our  map to find stores that carry premade raw dog food near you. The plants used to make natural and organic dog food are given more time to grow and are planted in soil that has not been depleted of nutrients through overuse. Plants used to make most commercial dog food are often given growth stimulators that speed up harvest time which means plant has less time to absorb nutrients.

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In addition, this recipe contains alfalfa, a flowering member of the pea family. Although alfalfa is high in protein (18%) and fiber, it’s uncommon to see it used in a dog food. This hay-family ingredient is more commonly associated with horse feeds.

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To prepare for the day I opened my first store I worked in the natural dog and cat food and pet supplies industry for twenty years. I gained priceless pet nutrition knowledge while I working for various natural and holistic pet food manufacturers.We do not include any probiotics in our dog food. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which aid digestion. Studies have shown that very few probiotics survive in dog food kibble and we do not believe in adding ingredients (and cost) to our dog foods that provide little benefit. If you wish to give your dog probiotics one of the best sources is a teaspoon a few times per week of soy yogurt with live cultures. We recommend soy instead of dairy as most adult dogs cannot digest dairy products. Instead of probiotics our dog foods include prebiotics such as inulin () or beet pulp (StrongPoint). These prebiotics provide a substrate for beneficial bacteria in the digestive system of dogs. They are essentially fiber and are not meant to be completely digested. Including prebiotics in our dog foods are beneficial to you dog. In our opinion, including probiotics in dog food are not beneficial and do little more than add cost. As we state above, a little soy yogurt with live cultures is a far better way to provide probiotics to your dog.