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My dog is pretty sensitive to weight changes. At 6 1/2 I noticed she was starting to lose some. I had been feeding her Earthborn which she loved, but wanted something with more protein, so I started mixing in Evo Chicken & Turkey, which I had fed her when I first adopted her since she had stopped eating at the shelter and was underweight. Like before, she immediately got to a healthy weight, so after reading about Evo Weight Mgmt line that it can be used to maintain weight I switched her to that. She was good for about a week, then started having diarrhea and vomited (which she hadn’t done in years), so I started mixing her old food better with the Weight Mgmt and included digestive pumpkin. I did this, mixing the old with the new and the pumpkin for a few weeks (originally I didn’t do it great because she’s never had problems switching foods, always been easy). Anyway she kept having runny poop and vomited again, and then I noticed she was scratching like crazy. Also developed couple red rashes, not sure if that was what she was scratching or caused by the scratching. Only thing that had changed in her environment was switching her to Weight Mgmt, so I switched back to Chicken & Turkey mixed with Earthborn. Her stool returned to normal immediately and after about a week, the itching stopped.

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I did some math, including counting out exactly how many cups of food is in a 5.5lb bag of Orijen. Aiden used to eat 1 cup a day of his other food, which I translated to 3/4 cup of Orijen due to the high protein. Needless to say, I can get 24 feedings out of the 5.5 pound bag, only costing me Oh yes I’m definitely switching her! The question is to what? Being a pitbull, I’ve been told to only feed her grain-free and high protein dog foods, but there are so many options. Acana and Orijen has been pushed on me since I got her. So of course I don’t want her having digestive problems, but I also don’t want her living off fillers. Any suggestions?.70 a day to feed Aiden. After doing the math for the cost of the food we gave him before plus glucosamine, the cost was Just last month after graduating high school, I spent days researching dog foods. I looked at everything, scanning through ingredients and looking up the names of unknown vitamins and preservatives that I was feeding my dog. I had no clue what I was putting in my beloved Aiden! I eventually came across Orijen and learned every single little thing that was in Orijen’s food. In short, I couldn’t have been happier, and I knew this was the food for my dog. All ingredients are fresh and the chicken and turkey in the food is free-range (a plus for my animal-lover side). I also no longer need to give Aiden glucosamine/chondroitin supplements because it is contained naturally in the fresh fish, livestock, and poultry in the food..65 a day. In short, there is only a small difference in the cost, and a huge improvement in my dog.

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PetFoodDirect – Orijen Dog Food CouponsSAVE up to 40% on Dog and Cat Food, Treats, and Supplies – I would 100% recommend this food for weight loss. My dog was 10 pounds over weight I was looking for a food I could feed more and have him intake less calories. Within 6 months he is at his ideal weight and maintaining it for the first time in 6 years. If this doesn’t work for you also have a look at Fromm Prairie Gold Weight management.

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“Scratching all over” sounds like environmental allergies. Go to the forums section at this site and search “allergies”. Your dog’s symptoms may have nothing to do with food.
Consider making an appointment with a veterinary dermatologist, if your regular vet has not been helpful.
My dog with a sensitive stomach could not tolerate Orijen and does well with Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea kibble as a base.

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