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The festivities are all around us – both indoor and outdoor. However, outdoor activities can cause undue wear and tear on your dog’s feet. Humans wear shoes when hiking or walking in the snow – why can’t your pup? In this list, I am going to point out the 10 best dog boots that will treat your pup just right. I have listed mostly hard-sole boots for your pup. These are perfect selections for those hikes or walks through snow and ice. These boots stay on their feet and provide the traction they need to get from point A to point B. Please note that these boot companies suggest that your pup only wears these boots for 4 hours or less at a time and shorter sequences when you are first starting out.

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If you love your furry four legged friend, you’d do almost anything to keep them safe while also improving their overall appearance. While you can buy doggie clothes to keep your canine friend warm during the freezing months, there is one thing you really need to purchase especially if your Fido loves the great outdoors: dog shoes. That’s why we’re sharing with our avid readers 10 of the best dog boots you can ever give for your beloved pet.

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Pet dog brown color cute lovely supplies shoes models Socks sports shoes outdoor pet footwear If you look at the SOMAN All Weather Dog Shoes, you’ll be instantly reminded of the boots worn by firefighters because of its high cut design and the presence of two highly reflective bands on the length of the boot. The outsole of the SOMAN is engineered for optimum grip while its body gives first-rate waterproofing and debris protection. The reflective stripes allow for easy spotting in poorly lit environments. The interior is lined with fleece to give your mutt the kind of comfort that it really needs while walking, running, or jumping with the SOMAN conveniently in its place. It may have a very unpretentious design but the SOMAN makes for a fantastic outdoor footwear for any mutt.

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These dog shoes are water-resistant, but they are not waterproof. That being said, if your pet will be outdoors in these dog boots for a long period of time, you may want to go with another option but there's really a lack of choice of dog boots for rain. Furthermore, owners have noted that these are still good dog rain boots and seem to work fine to an extent. From the drawbacks, the biggest complaint about these best dog booties is that they do not fit as expected. Thus be sure to measure your dog’s paws according to the website’s instructions, and there should be no issue.

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