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Nathan Loe Bio For Jenn Petermann, director of the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, animal care is a way of life. With two cats and four dogs of her own, every minute of her […]

Dogs housed at the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. Photo by Lacey Russell. Nov. 20, 2013

UM junior Stephanie Smith, project manager of the campus Student Marketing Association, said the association is working with the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society to collect supplies from students for dogs, including collars, food bowls and similar items.

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Search for adoptable pets at Oxford Lafayette Humane Society and adopt your new Dogs. Thomas tries to encourage others to donate to the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. She has also heard about the Student Marketing Association’s donation efforts. “I think this is a great way to get more students involved with this nonprofit organization and will be beneficial for the dogs in the shelter,” she said.

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Smith said she wants to help dogs become adopted quickly from the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, and wishes more people adopted animals, rather than purchased them from pet stores.

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Once again a HORRIBLE experience. My family was told yesterday that we would be able to adopt the dog we requested. The employees of the shelter said the would have the foster family bring the dog back today. Today we got a phone call saying the dog was adopted by someone. When asked about how the dog was adopted by someone else after we were promised the dog the 18 year old office manager was extremely rude... Saying, Well the dog was adopted!!! As if she was doing me a favor. So, Oxford Lafayette Humane Society... Shame on you!! Get it right-- know what is going on with all your animals. I am doing you and the dog a favor! And you should be as nice as you can to keep the people that are willing to adopt happy so they will continue to donate, attend your fundraiser and adopted the dogs.So, trying to do a good thing, we went to the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society to pick up one of their unwanted dogs. When we arrived, Brett picked up immediately and recognized it as a “dog orphanage.” We explained that was exactly what it was and that the OLHS loves to see loving families like us come in to adopt a pet. (No, I won’t grace them with a link—you wanna look them up, you’ve got to work for it!)