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My 11 1/2 pound dog has had diarrhea on and off for a few days. I read papaya enzymes can be given to dogs. How much and how often can I give her the enzyme.

So, is this true for papaya? Can dogs eat papaya? Or are papaya bad for dogs?

Papaya is even a very common ingredient in dog food nowadays, especially when it comes to pet food companies that manufacture dog food for older (senior) dogs, since papaya can greatly help these older dogs with the digestive problems they more commonly face when compared to younger aged dogs.

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Loosen your belt buckles, New York--Papaya King is selling hot dogs for a steal this weekend. GRAY'S PAPAYA: It was a tragic day when closed its doors, leaving us with only one last iconic hot dog spot on the Upper West Side. Thankfully, those guys are still doling out Recession Specials—$4.50 for two dogs and a 14 ounce drink—'round the clock, a practice that will hopefully continue for as long as everyone's student loans hold out. Gray's hot dogs are long, slim, charred and packed with classic frankfurter flavor. They taste best when topped with sauerkraut and relish, and must be paired with one of the establishment's mysterious papaya drinks. Don't think about what's in your hot dog, just eat it and be quiet.

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If you are planning to give your dogs some papaya as a treat, keep in mind that you do not need to cut it into smaller pieces. It might even be better to serve it in a large piece since some dogs tend to swallow the food they are eating without even properly chewing it. Small pieces of papaya can block your dog’s airway which can cause choking. It is also recommended that you remove the seeds before giving them to your dogs. Some experts even say that the seeds contain cyanide which can be fatal to dogs when ingested. The small seeds of papaya tend to also cause intestinal obstruction and sometimes surgical intervention is needed just to remove a single seed.

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Papaya proprietors vend their hot dogs and fruit juice all over the city every day. For years, the unlikely but affordable combination has struck a pleasing chord with New Yorkers.
The story of Papaya King, like so many of the great stories of the 20th Century, starts at the gates of Ellis Island. In 1923 Constantine "Gus" Poulos, a young immigrant from Athens, Greece arrived on these shores. He was penniless but ambitious. Poulos soon found work in a deli, which he ended up buying a few years later. The story might have ended there and then but for a 1932 vacation to Miami and Havana, Cuba where Poulos discovered the joys of tropical fruit drinks. Upon returning home he promptly closed his deli and opened Hawaiian Tropical Drinks, New York’s first juice bar. The location, on the corner of 86th Street and 3rd Ave in Manhattan, remains the flagship store of what would one day be known as Papaya King. In 1935 Poulos opened a second store in Brooklyn followed by an outpost in Upper Darby, PA in 1937. Hot dogs where added to the menu in 1939 and a New York Classic was born. The somewhat curious addition of hot dogs was a nod the original location's Yorkville neighborhood, which was largely German and Polish at the time. It is a combination that has stood the test of time.