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For all of the DIY entheusiatst out there, this collar kit is for you! This exclusive Paracord Planet dog collar kit features enough 550 paracord to make a basic cobra collar that fits your pooch perfectly! (Max Collar Size = 20"). Also included, one welded metal D-Ring and one heavy-duty, durable and built-to-last buckle. Unleash your inner artist and create a collar they'll love.

Dog Leash and Collar Paracord Blue and White by ruswag on Etsy, $48.00

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7 in 1 Paracord Dog leash beautifully crafted with Matthew walker knot and crown knot
How to make a Paracord Dog Leash DIY video hand crafted
Do it yourself lead handmade multi purpose
Round Strong solid and durable Dog leash

Inspired by German Shepherd's color : Black and Tan
You will get two qty of 6 ft lead for 200 yards of paracord.
This project used 50 ft black and 50 ft tan Paracord
Start with Matthew Walker knot and hundreds of Crown knot
splice splicing spliced
2 qty 40 lbs rated snap hooks ( use higher rating if you wish )
2 qty 200 lbs rating ring rings

Do you need another excuse to have more paracords with you?
Dog leash configurations
1. Dog Collar: 4 ft with 2 loops (1 small and 1 medium) Use for when dog is not wearing a collar *Ring placement must be precise. Pre-measure
2. Normal use: 5 ft with 1 small loop. Open snap hook end connects to a dog collar
3. Medium Length - Normal use: 4 ft 8 inches with 1 medium loop. Open snap hook end connects to dog collar
4. Shorter Length - Normal use: 3 ft 9 inches with large loop. Open snap hook end connects to dog collar
5. Shortest Length - Normal use: 3 ft with extra large loop. Both snap hooks end connect to dog collar
6. Extra short - Control: 9 inches. Metal ring and a snap hook connect to dog collar
7. Hands free: Same as #4 but the large loop wraps around waist. *You must measure the ring placement during creation of the lead.

I would say that this would be my best Dog Leash or versatile dog leash
7 in 1 Dog Lead
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How to Tie a Matthew Walker knot detailed
How to tie crown knot - short paracord
How to tie crown knot - long paracord technique
How to add metal ring with crown knot
How to end crown knots with a snap hook or how to attach a snap hook
How to splice paracord using a needle tool and end the leash project
How to splice paracord using a bobby pin and end the leash project
Reveal or Completed Leash
7 in 1 configurations
Paracord is also known as parachute cord or nylon rope

Paracord Dog Collar and Paracord Leash Set by LilStrausBoutique

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Parachute cord, or paracord, is all the rage these days. People use it to make jewelry, lanyards, keychains, zipper pulls and — yes — even dog collars and leashes. The original point of paracord accessories was so that you would always have rope on hand if you needed it for an outdoors survival situation, but this fashion-forward trend is taking off even among home-bodies.

Custom Paracord Leash and Collar Set- Large Dog