SmartBones® Stuffed Twistz Dog Treat - Peanut Butter.

Petco Peanut Butter Rawhide Bones for Dogs have been developed with the interests and well-being of your favorite four-legged best friends in mind. Petco's rawhide is made without the use of chemicals from quality, safe, non-toxic beef hides. These 100% edible rawhide dog chews help to satisfy your dog's need to gnaw and to chew, while also helping to promote healthy teeth and gums. By aiding with the reduction of tartar and plaque build-up, these tasty rawhide bones help to promote healthy canine oral health. Boasting a peanut butter flavor that most dogs love and just cannot get enough of, these Petco rawhide dog bones will surely top your dog's list of favorite things. Whether you'd like to provide your pampered pooches with something to help occupy their time or you'd like to reward your favorite four-legged friends with something hearty they can really sink their teeth into, you cannot go wrong with these peanut butter flavored Petco rawhide dog bones. From helping to reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar to helping to satisfy a dog's natural urge for chewing and gnawing, these tasty and 100% edible dog bones are a sure-fire canine favorite that will do the trick!

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I got Maximus after I graduated from college, and he’s been a faithful friend ever since. He’s moved with me from North Carolina to Louisiana to Georgia and now New York. He sat under my feet while I read countless journal articles and worked on my dissertation for hours upon end. And now he follows me back and forth between the kitchen and the office. Sure, he gets to nibble on bits of fruit and veggies while I’m working, but it’s about time for him to have his very own batch of Peanut Butter Oat Dog Bones. (Ok, so he does have to share with his sister, but he’s always been pretty good about looking out for her.)

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These Peanut Butter Oat Dog Bones are easy...and sure to get a high-five from your 4-legged friends! #EveryDayCare When I say both my dogs love these bones I mean they LOVE these bones. I have a variety of treats for them but when they see me reach for the smartbone bag, oh no, all hell breaks lose. They go nuts !!!! It is by far their favorite treat! Their favorite flavor is the peanut butter.

SmartBones NO-RAWHIDE Peanut Butter Medium Dog Chews

Redbarn has taken your dog’s favorite all natural bone and stuffed it with a delicious peanut butter filling that they’ll be begging you for. This made in the USA treat helps your dog’s dental health and is a great way to relieve stress or boredom!
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Peanut Butter Oat Dog Bones - Spiced