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Lapping at alcohol can obviously cause intoxication but also liver failure, coma, seizures and death. As we have already discovered, Grapes are toxic to Dogs so Wine is especially dangerous. Hops are toxic to Dogs also so Beer should be kept well away from Dogs.

Moreover, pecans contain a toxin call juglone that is poisonous to dogs.

This is way over the top. Pecans contain only trace amounts of juglone (Black walnuts have much more), and mostly confined to leaves, shells and roots. Not a serious danger for dogs or other animals except in large quantity. Mold toxins are very dangerous but they can occur in many foods–pecans that are not moldy don’t contain aflotoxin–at all. I agree that dogs should not be fed large quantities of nuts, and likewise should not be fed large quantities of any high-fat foods. But I think a little moderation here is warranted–so as not to frighten people. Running to the vet, just because your dog ate a couple of pecans, is extreme, in my opinion, though I’m sure some vet’s could use the extra income.

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Pecans are nuts and obviously high in fat, calories. Hence dogs can’t eat pecans too. It’s not advisable for dogs to eat pecans. Opinions on whether dogs can benefit from nuts or seeds are varied. Cline said she doesn’t generally recommend nuts in her nutritional plans, though some owners do give them as treats. They can, however, be good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein, which many dog treats lack, Osborne said. Remember that your pup depends on you for safety and to keep her healthy, so talk to your veterinarian about any specific concerns you have regarding your dog’s diet, specifically as you start a new food regimen.

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“In the past, nearly all of the truffles we had in Georgia were just found by people going out with rakes during late summer at pecan harvest, when the truffles were being exposed, and picking them up,” Brenneman said. “Having dogs that are specifically trained for these truffles really helps find the truffles. It also improves the quality of truffles found because they’re locating the mature truffles. The dogs just go to the ones that have the strongest odor, and those are the most mature truffles and most desired by the chefs using them.”

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Can dogs eat pecans? That is the question that we will try to answer today. Firstly, let us talks about pecans. Pecans are Native American nut from the hickory family. The word pecan is from the Algonquin language which means nuts needing a stone to crack.Pecans actually have a toxin called juglone. This toxin can lead to laminitis if fed to horses. Hence, pecans are not safe for your dogs too, as it can lead to gastric intestinal upset or an obstruction.Surprisingly, lots of people are checking the internet if nuts are good for dogs. “Nuts and dogs” is actually a phrase that is commonly researched among pet owners. Clearly, many of us wanted to know if pecans, almonds, peanuts, pistachios and walnuts are safe for dogs.The quick answer would be no, dogs cannot eat pecans. The main problem with pecans is that they contain a compound called juglone, which is toxic to dogs.