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With a range of up to 2 1/2 acres, the revolutionary Perimeter Technologies Wireless WIFI Dog Fence is the perfect choice for people with large yards!

This hassle-free pet containment system doesn't require any boundary wire to bury or secure around your yard. The WIFI invisible fence utilizes the same wireless communications technology used in many of today's modern electronic products. With the system's compact size and larger coverage area, the WIFI wireless fence system offers a superior level of convenience compared to other wireless pet fence systems.

The Perimeter PWF-100 pet containment system is very easy to install. The system comes with a base WIFI SmartStation. This compact unit is only 5" x 5" in size and can placed virtually anywhere in your home. The unit communicates directly with the receiver dog collar through wireless signals, keeping track of your pet's distance from the defined containment area/safe zone of your yard. The coverage area can be easily adjusted to a range of up to 2.5 acres.

The Perimeter WIFI invisible fence SmartStation transmits signals back and forth from your dog's receiver collar several hundred times per second. When your dog gets too close to the defined boundaries of the safe zone, the dog receiver collar will transmit one of the 9 levels of static correction, which you can adjust for optimum training results. The SmartStation also keeps you informed of the important information it receives, letting you know when your pet is lingering too close to the boundaries or attempting an escape, as well as sounding an alarm if at any time your pet has broken free from the protection of the system-making it one of the most innovative wireless fence pet containment systems on the market!

The wireless fence system is completely rechargeable. For optimum portability, the system also includes a 12-volt travel D/C power adapter so that you can take the system just about anywhere you go!

This system comes complete with the WIFI SmartStation base, one remote receiver dog collar, and all the training tools you need to ensure you get maximum results from your dog's training sessions. With the purchase of an additional dog receiver collar, the system can safely contain up to two pets within the boundaries of your yard.

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Perimeter Technologies Perimeter Wire-free Wifi Dog Fence Receiver Collar (Collar Only) by Perimeter Technologies Perimeter Technologies Perimeter Wire-free Wifi Dog Fence Receiver Collar (Collar Only) WiFi Collar Receiver;For Dogs Weighing 10 lbs to 130 lbs;5 Selective Levels;Setting 1 – Static – Use For Small Dogs & Dogs Sensitive to Electronic Correction;Setting 2 – Static – Use For Dogs 35 lbs […]

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This is the second part of our 2 part Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence FAQ's. The Perimeter WiFi fence sports an impressive 200 ft. radial signal range, which is quite an improvement over the competing PetSafe fence. The WiFi technology allows the state-of-the-art base station and collar to communicate constantly with one another to let you know exactly where your dog(s) are within the boundary at all times. The two-way communication also allows the base station to alert you to a low collar battery and a boundary challenge. Knowing when your dog has challenged the boundary allows you to immediately address the issue, ensuring the safety of a dog who has left the perimeter.

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Another option is the Perimeter Technologies WiFi dog fence. This system operates on wireless technology similar to smartphones and other portable electronic devices. The Perimeter WiFi fence covers up to 2 ½ acres and can accommodate up to two dogs simultaneously. The WiFi dog fence offers some cutting-edge and useful technology like digital frequency encoding, but is still lacking in reliability even compared to other wireless fence options.

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