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Hi, My name is Donna. I live in Canada, Pei. I have a big yard..and a very active shih-poo. I recently purchased a wireless dog fence for him. It is working well in all perimeters except my driveway. I thought that this would shock him if he is outside any of the perimeter. However he doesn’t seem to get shocked or is not minding the shock through the driveway. I am so scared he is going to get ran over. He is a year old and 17 lbs. He is the new love of my life. My kids have recently moved out to university and I would be heart broken if anything happened to my Percy (dog) . Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.
Thanks , Donna

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Perimeter Technologies offers a wireless dog fence system that operates on WiFi technology just like your internet router. The Perimeter WiFi collar is a bit larger and suitable for dogs over 20 lbs.

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Thanks for reading our Part 2 of a 2 part series for the Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence FAQ's. Another option is the Perimeter Technologies WiFi dog fence. This system operates on wireless technology similar to smartphones and other portable electronic devices. The Perimeter WiFi fence covers up to 2 ½ acres and can accommodate up to two dogs simultaneously. The WiFi dog fence offers some cutting-edge and useful technology like digital frequency encoding, but is still lacking in reliability even compared to other wireless fence options.

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If you have a runner, you know the anxiety of watching your pet escape out an open door and into the great outdoors. Check that anxiety with the Ruff invisible dog fence – a hybrid system that uses both underground wire, wireless receivers, and a control box. Establish a custom perimeter and activate the adjustable collars, to create a safe outdoor area for your dogs to roam.

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