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Despite your efforts to reduce the fleas and ticks in your yards, our pets may still be exposed to these parasites, so you should take measures to help protect them. Treat all dogs and cats in the household with a flea and tick control product. One untreated pet can lead to a flea infestation in the household. Topical products can help protect your dog from unexpected flea and tick sources by killing adult fleas, eggs and larvae, and all stages of ticks.

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Top 10 Best Guard Dogs for Protection. They are also some of the most expensive dogs and Most dangerous dogs in the world. The list of best pet dogs Include the following
Doberman Pinscher
Greman Shepherd
Giant Schnauzer
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Staffordshire Terrier

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If you are sure that you want a personal protection dog, and not a pet, what do you need to do?
Collies are one of the most famous of all dogs due to the movies. They can be gentle and somewhat affectionate, they can be very protective, but they are best known as a family dog and everyone’s friend. Give a Collie some exercise with a Frisbee and a long walk and he’s good for the day. He still tends to herd by heel-nipping at times with young kids. Other pets, dogs and strangers can cause a problem if you don’t introduce them to your Collie properly.

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At Tarheel Canine our goal is to help you express that passion with programs that teach you not only how to train dogs, but how to look at the entire relationship between dog and handler, understand it, mold it and improve it. We have been training Trainers in private practice, police K9, and the Military since 1996. In the end any trainer’s job is to provide the benefits of training and behavior modification to the client whether they are a pet owner or a K9 officer or Sport competitor. At Tarheel Canine’s School for Dog Trainers you get preparation you don’t get anywhere else. You will train dogs in our kennel that we provide for you to work with that belong to Tarheel Canine and are going to become real street police dogs, real personal protection dogs, or are pets belonging to our clients. You will work alongside canine handlers going through their handler courses, and world class dog trainers on our staff....

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This loving and lovable dog makes both a great pet and faithful guard. It easily binds strongly with the family and can protect children with its own life. The German shepherd is very easy to train and please. German Shepherds are fearless and very confident. They can keep very calm even in the face of crisis. They attack at the “” Little wonder, they are commonly used for military purposes and by people with special needs. The only downside of this dog is that it needs constant mental and physical stimulation. So, you must be able to devote time to training it regularly.Namsan Stylish And Fun PetDog Puppy UV Goggles Sunglasses Waterproof Protection Sun Glasses For Dog Blue ** Check out the image by visiting the link.Voberry Fashionable WaterProof MultiColor Pet Dog Sunglasses Eye Wear Protection Goggles Small Pink -- You can get more details by clicking on the image.I asked him for some information regarding his personal situation, and for some advice regarding his dog. He is of modest means, receiving some supplemental disability income because of having bad hips due to a past injury. He can get up, but he is mostly in a wheelchair and weighs about 400 lbs. The dog is a mild mannered, spayed, female, quite submissive dog with unknown breeding. His home has been burglarized a couple of times, and so he is concerned about his personal safety. He lives in a state where gun ownership is severely restricted. He has also never owned a personal protection dog and is a novice dog owner, only owning dogs as pets.