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First time ordering from 1800-PetMeds, I get a confirmation email and paid for priority shipping since everything takes longer to get to Hawaii. I wait and check the mail daily... 6 days later still nothing. The original confirmation email stated that I would receive shipping confirmation and tracking which I never did. So I emailed them to inquire and they claim that they need to confirm my CCV and billing address and they also will not ship to anywhere but the billing address. It's 2015. I have not had issues with shipping to a different address since 2006. The worst part is they never bothered to update me, I had to email them to find out what was going on. Complete waste of time and horrible service. Meanwhile my dog is without her medication.

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On Friday morning I ordered some Tramadol for my dog Chaka-Tu. I talked to a representative at 1800 PetMeds, and they said they would fax my vet and ask for a prescription. When I didn't hear anything more, I called 1800 PetMeds on Sat. morning and was told that a fax had been sent but no answer had been received. They said they would ask the Pharmacy section to send another fax. Still nothing. Subsequently, I called my vet and they said no faxes had been received. After about an hour on the phone first with my vet, then with the 1800 representative, and finally with both at the same time, the issue was finally resolved on Saturday afternoon, however, 1800 PetMeds said my order would not be shipped out until the following Monday. I sent the following e-mail to 1800 customer service questioning their timing and follow up with prescription orders. If the representative at 1800 PetMeds is not sending the fax themselves, how do they even know the Pharmacy section has sent it? Is there a breakdown in communication between the 1800 PetMeds representative and the Pharmacy section?

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Heartworm Preventative Medicine for Dogs and Cats- 1800PetMeds Purchased a bottle of Zymox Otic for my dog's ear infection, as recommended by the vet. The last bottle I used worked well and was purchased directly from the vet. This time, I figured I would save money by purchasing the same product from 1800-Petmeds. What a mistake! It did not work at all and actually made my dog scratch his ears more. I have read that this company has been cited for selling fake products from Mexico and this is obviously true in this case. When I contacted customer service, I received the following canned response:

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I called PetMeds to order a prescription on Monday morning. I told the woman my dog had enough pills for 3 days and was told I would receive the meds within 1 day of shipment since I lived close to their warehouse. I was also told I would receive an email when they shipped. I never did receive the email. I called them back on Thurs to see what happened to my order since I don't have any meds left and my dog needs her med. I was told they were going out that day via next day delivery.

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