49 Funny Dog Halloween Costumes - Cute Ideas for Pet Costumes

When the season rolls around for all things fun and spooky, these funny Halloween dog pictures prove that it's possible for your furry friend to join the celebration. Remember to always choose a dog costume that leaves the face open and is soft and comfortable. Your pet should also be able to exercise freely for the greatest convenience. With all that in mind, here are ten adorable Halloween pups for your viewing pleasure.

Picture of Nibbler from Futurama Dog Costume. This is Blue's next Halloween costume

I am honestly not a Halloween costume Grinch. One of my dogs wears costumes; the other is clearly not interested. There are dog Halloween pictures in my Pinterest account and on my blog. I have actually dressed up as a dog for Halloween. I have contributed a few of my own hard-earned dollars to the roughly $300 million spent by Americans each year on pet Halloween costumes. So, there is no reason not to include your dogs in Halloween festivities … in appropriate ways.

14 Adorable Dogs in Halloween Costumes [PICTURES] - TheFW

Turn your favorite animal friend into something fierce or something even more cute! | See more about Dog costumes, Pictures of and Halloween. With that said, You Lucky Dog is happy announce our first annual Halloween Costume Contest for your Lucky Dogs! We want to see your Lucky Dog’s Halloween costume! Post your pictures of your pooches to our Facebook wall and invite your friends to like our page so they can like your picture. Whichever dog gets the most likes on Facebook by 10/31, wins a $25 Amazon gift card! All we ask is that your picture is of your dog and not that you found online. We will be announcing the winner November 1st. Any one of our fans on Facebook can win, regardless of where you live, so you don’t just need to be in North Haven or Connecticut! This is our way of saying thank you and giving back to the people who’ve made us feel like Lucky Dogs!

Your Best Photos: Dogs in Halloween Costumes

It’s hard to take good pictures of a dog and/or a baby in a Halloween costume. How do I know? My pictures from last Halloween were a disaster. First mistake? I planned to take all of the pictures on Halloween. Like the actual day. Of course, my niece and I were both sick with a cold. But, I’m not one to give up, so I powered through. Second mistake? I didn’t let my niece try on the scarecrow costume I made ahead of time. I wanted to surprise her. She hated the overalls. In fact, she cried the entire time she had them on. The crying upset the dogs, so I didn’t even bother to include them in the pictures. They had their own photos of misery. See below.

Here are some of our favorite dogs all decked out for Halloween.