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Good Dog Collar - Plastic Prong Collar from Triple Crown. This dog training collar is actually just a modified prong collar, but it is made from hard plastic. They are more appealing to the eye. It works well for dogs that constantly pull on the leash but not so much that a traditional prong is needed. The link design fits together, producing a watchband pattern. This also makes it easy to remove links as needed, or add links to quickly lengthen the collar for a perfect fit.

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Our training dummies are designed to complement any gun dog training program. We offer a variety of colors for throwing against any background. Our canvas dummies readily hold game scent and are weighted for easy throwing. The knobs on our plastic dummies are specially designed to prevent hard mouth.

The Good Dog collar is essentially a plastic prong collar.

LCD Dog Training Collars for Dogs Electric 4 Shock Levels of vibration and static Plastic Dog Trainer Collar Products PTC028. Every training collar is designed with specific temperaments and behavioral issues in mind, so it's important to choose a collar that fits your dog's personality. In this article, you'll learn how to choose the type of training collar that will work best for you and your dog. The types of training collars we'll discuss include nylon martingale and flat collars, harnesses, metal and plastic prong collars, choke chains, Halti® and Gentle Leader® headcollars, and electronic shock collars.

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For those not familiar, let me tell you a little about this remarkable training tool. The Starmark collar is constructed of durable plastic that is comfortable for your dog to wear all day. The material makes it light weight yet quick to respond to leash pressure allowing a quick and painless correction to be given to your dog if needed. Starmark combined the martingale and prong collar to create this gentle tool allowing sensitive owners to communicate with their dogs should they be pulling.

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