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The 4 inch tall Bistro Bowl, pet stand is great for small dogs and cats. The elevated feeder is constructed of durable plastic, handmade in Colorado, and includes one dishwasher safe ceramic square bowl.

5-inch Black Wrought Iron elevated dog feeder is simple with Single Plastic Bowl

This clean-looking elevated feeder from Bergan comes in hues of gray and black and measures 15”x15”x28”. The tray is made of molded BPA-safe plastic and holds two 2.75-quart stainless bowls in place. Those measurements are for the XL size, but two other sizes are available – medium and large. While this is designed for large dogs that need the extra height for their bowls, it may also be used with puppies so they may grow with the feeder.

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No more hiding of plastic bowls when guests arrive - instead enhance your home décor with this solid Acacia wood elevated dog feeder. The natural beauty of. No more hiding of plastic bowls when guests arrive – instead enhance your home décor with these raised dog diners, while your best friend can enjoy the advantages of an elevated pet feeder. Highest quality furniture style pet diners are specifically designed to complement the decorating trends in your home.

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As a dutiful and loving dog owner, it’s always a high priority to find the very best products for your dog to use. That is why when it comes time to find your dog a slow feed dog bowl, or even elevated dog bowls it does pay to do your research on the mass variety of options that are available.Here are the four main factors you will need to consider before you select the best dog bowls for your dog.When you have purchased a metal dog bowl, you can trust that they mean business. Not only are the very durable and cannot break, they are very easy to clean and rinse out. In contrast, ceramic bowls will give you more style when it comes to designs, but they can end up breaking if you drop it. While ceramic provides more color and design options, it is still more durable than a plastic bowl.

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Elevated Double Bowl Feeder will absolutely make your dogs’ feeding time much easier because of its adjustable feeder legs. It also has easy to two removable stainless steel bowls. This feeder is ideal for large sized, barrel-chested, and aging dogs which find it hard to bend down when eating. Also, its feeder legs can be removed for easier adjustment depending on your dog’s height.
Elevated Double Bowl Feeder measures 13”W x 11.1”H x 24” L and weighs 3.3 lbs. It is free of BPA materials. Also, the feeder is made of high quality injection-molded plastics which make it easier to clean after use.After browsing products available at the big chain pet stores and realizing they all looked the same quality wise, I decided to invest in a potentially better product. I bought two elevated dog bowls from called , each one costing around $110.Even though these feeders are very expensive compared to the plastic dog feeders we had, you get what you pay for. I am sure our Trendy Pet raised bowls will still work properly and even look great after a decade.They are made of a very hard resin that until now (almost 4 years later) looks like new. I see no wear, chips or damage. Despite two slightly rusty screws that hold the stabilizing bar on the big-dog feeders and the metal bowls that may need to be replaced in a few years, the feeders look in excellent condition.The clean lines of this product also make it so easy to disinfect. There are no corners to accumulate food and build up bacteria. And overall, the product is very pleasing to the eye, matching a contemporary decoration style — very nice.I was also very happy to know that the plastic material used to build this feeder is Bisphenol A-free (or BPA-free). BPA, an organic compound used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, has raised safety concerns since 2008 here in the States.ON VACATION