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When shopping for an exercise pen for your pet chinchilla, you’ll want to keep a few factors in mind. First, you should look for something made out of metal or wire so your chin won’t be able to chew through it. A lot of playpens meant for dogs work perfectly as chinchilla exercise pens. You want to make sure the height of the pen walls is at least 2 feet (24″). The size of the pen itself will depend on the amount of space you have to work with.

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Iconic Pet Double divided tube pen can be used both indoor and outdoor and is designed to keep two pets separated while confined in one space. The Exercise Double Tube Playpen will be ideal for any pet lover with multiple pets. Two luxurious pet pens built into one, saves space and costs significantly lower than two individual playpens. This heavy duty doubled divided playpens are ideal for multiple pets that have to be confined separately. Have peace of mind to contain your pets within the enclosure and not worried about pets bothering each other.

The doors are equipped with latches for maximum safety and security. Quality constructed with simple assembly instructions will set up easily in seconds without using any tools. This pet pen is easy to transport, less obtrusive, more portable and a traditional dog kennel all at the same time. Appropriate for all size dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. The pet exercise playpen enclosure is perfect to be used as a secure play area. It is specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use and can be set up or taken down very easily.

Cage made up of 2 pens while attached together, separated by a door. An excellent way of providing your pet with a secure and safe environment while allowing them to have fun playing inside or outside.

This playpen is ideal for separating puppies from big dogs. Made of heavy duty steel tubes that will not bend. Elevated door design to prevent pets from following you in/out when you open the gate.

Pet4Fun Portable Playpens for Dogs and Cats

This is the most uncommon dog’s playpen among my top 10 dog playpens. If your dog is very small, then you should go for this product. Type. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing playpens for dogs is what type you're after. Do you need a portable pen for easy mobility? Maybe a heavy duty for extra sturdiness? How are you going to use it, where are you going to store it and how often will you need this playpen?

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Size. Another very important aspect to consider is the size of your dog. Not every playpen will work for every dog. In fact, most playpens are designed for small dogs, then there are a few of them that are made for medium-sized dog breeds, and very rarely will you be able to find a playpen for dogs that's good for large breeds such as Great Dane, for example.

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If you have a large open yard, or just dogs prone to tearing through your carefully manicured landscaping, you might want to consider adding a playpen for your canines. You’ll be able to keep them confined to where you want while still allowing them to enjoy some playtime outdoors, which will keep both of you quite happy. If you’ve been looking into it, you might be a bit confounded by the large amount of pens available, but we’ll show you how to pick the one that will suit the needs of both you and your canine with a surprising amount of ease.It has sixteen square feet of room for your pet to romp in, and all but the biggest dogs will be quite pleased with it. Despite its large size, storage is a snap since it will easily fold flat and allow you to place it somewhere out of the way in your shed or garage when it’s not in use. It’s simply one of the best dog playpens you’ll be able to find, and for the price, it’s an absolute steal.