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There are multiple types of fish oil you can purchase for your dog. Types of fish oils include cold-water fish blends, salmon oil, cod liver oil, krill oil, and pollock oil. Omega-3 is found in the fat of cold water fish and must be an additional supplement added to your dog’s diet. Omega-6 is also a good fish oil for your dog; it can be found in other protein sources, not just as a fish oil alone. Omega-9 is another supplement commonly given to dogs but they actually do not need it. Omega-9 actually decreases the benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 and therefore does not need to be given.

Grizzly Pollock Grizzly Pollock Oil Supplement for Dogs, 64 ..

Where salmon oil provides high EPA and DHA, pollock oil provides high EPA which is beneficial for dogs that only need the skin and coat benefits of fish oil.

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Grizzly Pollock Oil for Dogs 16 oz - Mickey's Pet Supplies Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil helps dogs achieve a shiny and healthy coat with omega-3 fatty acids. This pure oil is veterinary formulated using only wild Alaskan pollock fresh-caught in the pure waters of Alaska. Pollock oil provides levels of DHA and EPA not commonly found in pet foods to promote the nutritional health of skin and provide antioxidant support for the immune system.

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Another option of fish oil in pump bottles is the Grizzly Pollock oil. The oil is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 and offers the best ratio of these two fatty acids among all other liquid fish oils for dogs. The oil is derived from wild caught Alaskan Pollock and is bottled at state of the art facility that keeps the oil away from air till the time it gets pumped into the food bowl of the pet.

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Only give Grizzly Pollock Oil Dog Food Supplement based on your pet's weight. Talk to your vet before adding any supplement to you dog's diet...Research proves that fish oil is packed with healthy benefits for humans and their furry companions. Grizzly Salmon Oil produces a line of high-quality fish oil food supplements and fish oil-based treats for cats and dogs. All Grizzly products contain natural fish oil, which has been gently extracted from Wild Alaskan Salmon or Wild Alaskan Pollock. Both types of fish oil contain long chain Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins that are readily accessible to your dog or cat’s metabolism. The special fatty acids in these oils contain essential building blocks your pet needs for a balanced metabolism and good health. Grizzly fish oil products help maintain overall health and vitality, particularly a healthy heart, immune system, skin and a shiny coat.Ok, so I have looked at Grizzly Salmon Oil and Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil. I like with Grizzly I can buy a 64oz pump bottle, since I have 3 dogs that is very nice. With the Alaska Naturals, though, they have a formula that also has glucosamine and chondroitin, but only comes in a 16oz bottle. My question is this: is it really worth buying the salmon oil with glucosamine and chondroitin or would it be best to buy them separate? I’m asking because I know some people think combos like that are gimmicks and I just want more opinions. Does anybody have any favorites? Also, would giving pollock oil be better or not?Pet parents who are looking to address their pet’s health through an Omega-3 supplement can continue to use Grizzly Salmon or Pollock Oil for dogs. Pet parents who are looking to address their pet’s health by counteracting free radicals in the digestive tract now have a new choice with Grizzly Krill Oil for dogs.