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Pup Gear produces high quality dog ramps and dog docks including The Floatable Dog Dock. The Pup Gear line of dog ramps are built to help dogs in and out of dog pools, lakes, boats and docks with ease.

dog pool, maybe not this big but its a great idea, then they will stay out of ours

We love to see gray faces at Barley’s and have taken special considerations to make the rec center a safe, comfortable place for your senior dog to enjoy. First of all, there are no stairs to climb. All dogs are able to access all areas of the rec center regardless of their ability level. The heated, indoor dog pool has a ramp to get up to the deck of the pool and another ramp to get into and out of the water. The day care center offers a lounge area for resting which is separate from the open play and outside areas. The entire day care area is covered in soft, slip-free, recycled rubber flooring. Your aging pooch can also take advantage of the massage and acupuncture services offered by one of our certified, experienced, highly recommended treatment specialists.

Dogs Can’t Get Out on Pool Ladders

Cost: $150 (fire hydrant) + $50 (pump kit) = $200 for this dog pool decoration. With a seemingly endless stream of dogs-in-a-pool videos online it could be natural to assume that it’s all fun for all dogs to take a plunge. However, there are pros and cons along with health and safety concerns to consider before unleashing your pup into your pool water.

Sorry I'm with Kamia C on this one no dogs in the pool full stop.

Just like for people, swimming for dogs is a great, low-impact total body workout. Swimming is easy exercise on your pet’s joints and limbs, which is terrific for both young pups and aging dogs alike. Swimming pools can be a fun place to play with the family in the water, or a rehabilitation method for a dog recovering from a procedure.

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CRCG offers recreational swimming for healthy dogs at our Broomfield and Englewood locations. Our heated, indoor pools are open to the public seven days a week! We offer open swim times where other dogs and their owners may be sharing the pool with you, or we offer days and times that you can reserve the pool for your dog's private use.Is your dog eligible for recreational swimming? If your dog is healthy (no lameness, weakness or other physical issues) they are eligible for recreational swimming. If your dog has had surgery recently (within the last eight months), has mobility issues or other health issues we will need to assess whether he/she is eligible. This screening is for the safety of your dog. Please contact us if you have any questions as to whether your dog is eligible. If your dog isn't eligible, we have a full range of services that can possibly help to get your dog in shape for the recreational pool. Our Englewood location offers a 26' x 18' pool and Broomfield offers a 41' x 21' pool to ensure that your dog has plenty of room to swim, fetch, and cavort.Statistics on pet drowning are hard to come by, but based on anecdotal reports from veterinarians and other professionals, it’s a problem that should concern every dog and cat owner with a pool. Contrary to popular opinion, animals don’t instinctively know how to swim or handle themselves around water. Dogs in particular are often victims of drowning for the same reasons kids are – a combination of enthusiasm and poor judgement.