PoochPad™ Reusable Potty Pad for Mature Dogs : Target

This is a good litter box for tiny dogs or puppies. Can be used with , newspaper or potty pads. I recommend getting the larger size, even if you have a teeny dog!

These best puppy potty pads for toilet training dogs will make the job easier

Wee-Wee Pads are basic potty pads for puppies or smaller dogs. The built-in attractant scent will help your pup figure out what the pads are for!

PoochPad™ Reusable Potty Pad for Dogs - White (XX-Large) : Target

World's First Auto Cleaning Indoor Potty Pad System, for Puppies & Small Dogs. I've recently heard another client of mine express concern about not taking their puppy out before the last round of shots, but from what I've heard, and I'm not a vet, but the first round is good enough for being outside of the litter. Which means ok for outside so long as your puppy is in a clean place and doesn't try licking or eating anything out there. I'd caution taking your new puppy around other dogs until the second round of shots, but out side in a controlled environment should be ok, but double check with the vet with a phone call. Next make the crate as small as possible, use the partitioner if you have one. Your puppy should only have enough room to walk in, turn around, and lay down. Not enough room to eliminate and escape it. They might do that one or two times before they realize they don't like it and try to hold their bladder for outside the crate. If you MUST use a pee pad, get some of his urine on it so he is attracted to his own scent, thus making it more likely for him to pee there. When you want to move potty training completely outside you can repeat that step of collect some of his urine and placing it outside where you want him to go.

PoochPad™ Reusable Potty Pad for Mature Dogs - Large : Target

I tell my dog training clients that I don't want to change what works for them. If your dog hits her target, doesn't shred her pads, and pees outside when it is appropriate, then congratulations, you did it! It's very hard to do correctly. Many dogs get confused and will not pee outside when allowed to pee inside. Other dogs will just pee near the pad or chew the pads with or without pee on it. But I will agree that there are some households that use this arrangement without a hitch because it is the only option, such as city living. The only downside is that it is unsanitary, unsightly, and costly. You can offset all of those things with a potty patch, which is like a little astroturf tray. The reason why I wrote this blog is that I was seeing clients who were at their wits end and ready to turn their dogs over to a shelter because the dogs were older and not potty trained. Their mistakes, mainly, was the use of potty pads which became a crutch. I wanted to let families know that pee pads aren't on the list required puppy gear, contrary to marketing.

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