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After surgery, the vet recommended putting her on Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Canine Urinary Care Dry Food so silly me, thinking the vet recommended it, I did not bother on reading up on its ingredients! (My fault for not researching, I know.) She was hesitant on eating it at first but eventually gobbled it up like she did with the previous brand. In the couple months after surgery and being on Hill's, she has vomited bile, acted somewhat lethargic, and had loose, bright yellow stools. I associated the change in maybe her just having an upset stomach and not feeling well for the day but it wasn't going away, and I became shocked at how much it was slowly making my dog exhausted, and how yellow/pale her stools were coming out.

Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D Canine canned dog food is not rated due to its .

The Hill’s Prescription Diet B/D Canine product line includes one dry dog food, a recipe designed to help support brain health and aging.

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Hill’s Prescription Diet Weight Reduction R/D Canine Dog Food is not rated due to its . Hill’s Prescription Diet L/D Canine is a plant-based canned dog food using a limited amount of egg product as its main source of animal protein.

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Hello, I have a five years old Maltese. he has been excessively licking his paws. the vet said it could be food allergy and he recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet Potato & Salmon Formula dry food. I started mixing it with the old food to avoid complications. it’s been a week now and I’ve noticed my dog is not pooping as often and his poop is lumpy. what should I do? it looks like an early sign of constipation. paw licking seems to be the same.

I have 2 dogs on Hills Prescription Dog Food I/D (dry formula)

My 1-year-old puppy was a rescue. Shortly after adopting him, he went into acute kidney failure. So prescription Hills KD was recommended after he recovered. He was on that food for 2 1/2 years until recently. The 3 reasons why this dog food is a ripoff: 1. It now costs $90.00 for a 27 pound bag which is ridiculous as it has been around for years and years. 2. I cannot afford it on what I make. 3. My dog has now got a never ending rash and no hair left on his tummy. The store I bought food from spoken to Hills Prescription on my behalf to ask if ingredients have been changed. They advised the supplier ingredients not been changed. I do not believe this whatsoever! Since my dog has been taking new food she has been ill and been collapsing. She's 14 and has many illnesses, to include bad heart. When her gastric system is interfered with, she has collapses and her heart stops. She's only going out to the garden at the moment and this is causing the collapses. We are furious!!! If we had known, we could have slowly introduced her to the new food. Angry, angry.We have a 12 yr old Wheaten Terrier who has been on Hills Prescription Diet (Z/D canned and dry) for many years. He did fine on it for years. In late June he began vomiting and having loose stools. This became an ongoing discussion with our vet. In the meantime the vomiting continued - sometimes it was noticeable food, other times just bile or frothy wetness. He's lost several pounds. Last month our vet did allergy testing and he came up as allergic to soy, fish and rice. One of the main ingredients in Z/D is soy. Our vet felt that it was not likely that the soy in the z/d was bothering our dog because the protein is broken down supposedly beyond the point of reactivity. my sweet little Lizzy was so sick the beginning of this year, she was throwing up and suffered severe diarrhea everytime she ate and she would shake with pain so bad she would hunch her back and she wouldn’t move. She got to the point where she would not eat or drink, She lost so much weight, she went from 21 lbs down to 11 lbs within 3 weeks while the vet was trying to figure out what was wrong with her. I thought this was the beginning of the end. Finally she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The vet hospitalized her for 2 days for dehydration and started her on the hills prescription id/low fat dry and can mix. I am happy to say, she is doing very well now and the weight loss has helped her condition. She has not had a scrap or a crumb of any other food (human or dog) since January and she is happy again. She and her sister will be 12 this coming Saturday.