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Pro Plan Focus Small Breed Dog Food is specialized nutrition formulated to meet the unique dietary needs of adult small breed dogs (weighing under 20 lbs). With chicken as the first ingredient you know your dog is getting a high quality source of protein with every meal. A high protein level, combined with proper exercise, helps promote muscle conditioning. Pro Plan Focus Small Breed Dog Food contains EPA, an omega-6 fatty acid, and glucosamine to help support your giant breed dogs joint health and mobility. Natural prebiotic fiber, sourced from wheat bran, promotes digestive health and the protein (29%) to fat (17%) ratio helps maintain an ideal weight and body condition.

Compare Dry Dog Food: Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy vs Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Formula

Each Focus product is formulated for your dog’s size and age. There are 23 Pro Plan Focus products. Focus Adult Giant Breed Formula is designed for large breeds, such as the English mastiff. There are also Focus products for small and toy dog breeds, which include smaller kibble to make chewing easier. The main ingredient is chicken in most of the Focus products, though Dog Food Advisor warns that some of the chicken’s moisture has been lost during cooking.

Pro Plan Focus Giant Breed Adult Dog Food, 34 Lb

Compare Dry Dog Food: Innova Large Breed Adult vs Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Formula The main reason vet’s recommend Purina is because they believe in the food. It is formulated by nutritionists, veterinarians, and other specialists. Many vet’s feel this is important when choosing a food. They are also one of the leading researchers (aside from Hill’s) in large and giant breed puppy growth and nutrition. I personally feed Pro Plan and after trying many of the “better”(including Orijen and Acana) dog foods, find that Pro Plan works the best for my allergy dog and my food intolerant cat.

Pro Plan Dry Dog Food Adult Formula, Giant Breed: 34-lb bag

I recently got a beautiful great Dane puppy after both my kids left for college. The breeder was feeding Purina Puppy Chow large breed formula when we got him. I went by the recommendation of this web site and also by the great Dane lady and tried to switch over to a better food. I followed the directions to the core switching to no more than 10% new food at a time. My poor baby had severe diarrhea almost immediately. After a couple of days he did not even sniff the Precise Holistic giant breed formula. The canidae giant breed formula gave him a bloody mucous diarrhea. I had never seen a dog suffer so much. I tried the best possible food and he could not tolerate it. I did not want to go back to puppy chow so in desperation I got him on the Purina pro plan focus giant breed formula after my vet suggested I give him a good adult giant breed formula. Since then the puppy is thriving well. Still has soft stools but he is so much happier with clear shiny coat and clear nails. The two weeks I had him on the so called superior diet was a nightmare. The coat had turned dull and the nails turned white. I was scared I would lose him. Tests at the vet had shown no problems prior to switching diet. Bottom line is I am very skeptical of some of the premium foods. I spent a lot of time at petco and pet supplies plus. Many of the foods with different names are manufactured by the same company with almost the same ingredients and of course huge markup in price depending on brand recognition. I am going to stay away from these premium brands and stick to something my dog can tolerate well, food that is reasonably priced and easily available. At the end of the day, a puppy does not really care if it is a top brand and I have learnt to overcome my guilt as an owner for buying a food with not so good rating. I also have realized that besides the label there really is no way other than your own personal experience to guide you through this process. BTW I have a Bichon who is now 16 years old who has been fed Purina one smartblend his entire life. He has never been sick and never had to be taken to a vet for any reason other than his regular yearly checkup. That experience alone was good enough to convince me that Purina one and Proplan are good food despite what the reviews at DFA say.

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