Electric Pink Professional Dog Grooming Equipment and Tools

You don’t need to be one of our “cage-less” dog boarding or doggie daycare clients to take advantage of our professional full-service dog grooming services. With experienced dog groomers at both the Historic Leawood and Downtown/Crossroads locations, we have the knowledge and equipment to groom all breeds and sizes.

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Exciting innovation in professional pet grooming equipment: hydraulic dog-bathing tubs. Direct’s dog grooming tubs adjust smoothly to the desired height.

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Professional Dog Grooming Equipment And Tools

Professional Dog Grooming Products and Equipment - Pinterest Another important piece of dog grooming equipment for sale are scissors (sometimes called shears). There are several different types of scissors available for the professional dog groomer. The most common type are straight-edged. They are used the most often when grooming dogs. There are also thinning shears, curved and nose and ear scissors. The most important type to have are the straight-edged since they are used most often. However, the other types will be used as well but only for special circumstances or for grooming certain breeds.

Oster Professional Dog Grooming Equipment and Tools

The only thing that matters just as much as, if not more than, the quality of your grooming equipment is the maintenance of them. No matter how good your scissors are, they will dull with use. Shears need to be cleaned and sharpened regularly. The same is true of clipper blades. Find a professional sharpener of dog-grooming blades or shears and get them sharpened every few haircuts or whenever you first notice a reduction in performance.

Oster Professional Dog Grooming Equipment And Tools