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There are several varieties of equipment professional dog groomers use. You’ll find things on hand to work with which you may donrrrt you have even knew existed. Once you begin the grooming your dog business, it is very important have, at the minimum, principle supplies and equipment. When your business starts growing, you will then have the cash to get more forms of equipment and/or supplies.

Professional grade dog grooming supplies. Dog grooming tables, pet clippers and blades, and the best dog shampoos. Equipment for pro groomers or home use.

Waterloo Feed and Pet Supply’s expert groomers are here to brush, clip, cut, wash and fluff your furry friends. Full grooming services are available for both dogs and cats. Or for that special occasion, maybe you just need a quick bath and nail clip. Make an appointment with one of our caring, professional groomers to get your pet fresh and clean. To keep your upholstered furniture from looking like pets themselves, ask us about ShedX for less hair, less fuss around the house. And to keep your pet smelling fresh between visits, shop our complete product line of pet grooming supplies and equipment.

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You'll find dog grooming equipment and supplies that are used by professional groomers and vet-recommended for small and large breeds You can find used grooming supplies from other dog owners or by shopping in the local classified ads. Additionally, professional groomers will sometimes sell their old equipment once they have replaced it with newer equipment. Shopping online allows you to see a huge assortment of used grooming supplies in all price ranges. Rather than being limited to what is being sold in your area, you can shop for supplies from all over the country. eBay is a large online marketplace that has thousands of listings of used grooming supplies for dogs and other pets.

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Veterinarians across the U.S. and Canada recommend our highly durable stainlesssteel equipment to their colleagues. Why? Because our veterinary tables, dogkennel designs, professional dog grooming supplies and other tools provideconvenient, ergonomic benefits you can't find anywhere else.


For all your dog grooming supplies, Pet Food Warehouse (PFWH) offers professional grade pet groomer supplies including Dryers, Bath Tubs, Grooming Tables, Shears, and Shampoos from all of the most reputable and trusted brands in dog grooming equipment and animal grooming.