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If you have some comforters or bedding that you need to store, you can do so inside of the bed protector and make yourself a very inexpensive dog bed that also doubles as storage. The waterproof interior will keep your bedding safe, it will be soft and comfy for your dog, and you can also make a bit of extra space in your linen closet to store other things (dogs vote for more treats).

This ingenious bolstered couch protector doubles as a soft, indulgent bed for your dog.

Paw wax can easily be spread on your dog's paw pads prior to walking to protect them from rough or hot surfaces. Paw wax is designed to protect your dog's feet from several potentially harmful surfaces and chemicals, like road salts. A favorite is , which dog owners apply for many surface solutions - ice, snow, heat, sand, rocks, gravel... There is a You Tube video endorsement for Musher's Secret at the end of this article....

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DIY Car Seat Hammock for a Dog. Protects your car and keeps your dog safe. I have been using the Pet Protector disc on my five Samoyed dogs for one year. One of my boys used to get flea hot spots every Summer but now has gone through two Summer seasons with no fleas! I am so glad to have found Pet Protector for many reasons but mainly because I have senior dogs ranging from 9 to 15 1/2 years old and along with their healthy diet, I know that the disc improves their blood circulation and immune system as well as keeping parasites away forever."

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The Pet Protector Disc is the only original, proven and tested product available on the global market that uses a combination of Scalar and Magnetic Waves to protect pets from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes over a period of many years. Due to the fraudulent claims made by persons/companies which produce worthless aluminum copies, using words such as ‘dog’, ‘cat’ or similar in their brand names, are based primarily in countries such as India, Spain and China, we - Goldstar i.s.l.p sell our product exclusively and directly through our website: (through the affiliate links of our independent distributors). only by purchasing our product directly online through goldstar i.s.l.p, a british-based company, you will be assured of the originality, quality and efficiency of the product, and only then are you eligible to our full money back guarantee. any persons/company claiming that their product is the same and has the same characteristics as the original and unique Pet Protector Disc will be subject to criminal prosecution.

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