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Many herbs and supplements are recommended for canine detoxification support, but few address the body’s need for amino acids. Seacure not only fills that gap and reduces the symptoms of detoxification, but also literally heals damaged organs and improves the dog’s digestion. Like people, dogs can suffer from leaky gut syndrome. Tiny injuries to the intestinal wall cause it to become too porous, allowing large molecules of undigested protein, bacteria, and microorganisms to migrate from the digestive tract to the rest of the body, which stresses and impairs the liver, pancreas, and immune system. Leaky gut syndrome is associated with food sensitivities, allergies, hyperactivity, and autoimmune disorders.

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The standard-bearers for the Bully Max brand are its muscle building and joint health supplements. With a protein packed punch, Bully Max’s muscle building formula will help your dog gain healthy weight and add lean muscle to their frame. Our joint health formula provides a dog’s body with glucosamine to help maintain flexibility and prevent aches and pains in the hips and other joints. Bully Max’s newest product is the Calming Aid. Available in a chewable tablet form, the Calming Aid is designed to help dogs suffering from separation anxiety by supporting the nervous system in reducing stress and tension. In addition to separation anxiety, the Calming Aid is ideal for dogs that suffer stress during thunderstorms, shiver at loud noises, or become anxious during car rides or veterinary visits.

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Gorilla Max, all new protein supplement for dogs. Many dog foods don’t provide all the nutrients dogs need to develop muscle. If you are concerned that your dog isn’t getting adequate nutrition, look for a product designed to supplement vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and minerals that your dog may lack.

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How to Pick a Food for your Dog with Cancer
When choosing a food for your dog with cancer, you want to pick something that is highly palatable and has lots of kcal/cup of food. A sick dog doesn't need to eat as much in order to meet its energy needs. Look for a diet where 30-50 percent of the calories come from a good quality protein source, 50-60 percent of the calories come from fat, and the rest of the calories come from carbohydrates. There are commercially prepared foods available for dogs on cancer treatment but you will need to ask your veterinarian to order them for you.
You may also want to add some supplements to your dog's diet. It is important to discuss these with the vet who is treating your dog's cancer to ensure there aren't any interactions with any of the medications or treatments. Your dog may also need a few more calories than they normally do, so keep a careful eye on their weight.

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