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Proviable-DC contains seven different strains of probiotics and two strains of prebiotics tucked into a small capsule. Now, this product is available in a paste form, but taking it from me, it’s incredibly hard to hide in food due to its taste and consistency. Pills are much easier. If your dog refuses to take meds, . Even though my dogs range in size and weight, they both take one capsule daily with their morning meals.

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Nutramax Laboratories Inc., in Edgewood, Md., which markets Proviable–DC (capsules) and Proviable-KP (paste) for dogs and cats, says it learned that even puppies in the same litter had different microflora.

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Proviable DC for Dogs contains a source of live and viable naturally occurring microorganisms. Benefits Of Proviable DC Kit contains mL Dose-Graduated Tube of Proviable-KP Paste plus 10 Proviable-DC Caps; Kit is for Dogs weighing >20 lbs. Paste: Probiotic Paste for acute phase of diarrhea in cats and dogs; helps normalize intestinal function by reestablishing healthy intestinal microflora and firms stool with Kaolin and Pectin. DC Caps: Probiotic digestive aid encourages normal gastrointestinal function in cats and dogs by reestablishing healthy intestinal microflora after imbalances (from illness, antibiotic therapy, dietary changes, food sensitivities, stress of traveling or kenneling, weaning, metabolic disturbances, etc.).

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The company’s mission is to provide only supreme quality pet medications at reasonable prices. If they don’t believe in a product, they don’t sell it online. With these superior thoughts, you can easily trust and buy pet medications from VetApprovedRx. It houses a wide collection of pet medications which are useful in treating different kinds of pet health conditions. Seems like, Cats and dogs generally suffer from gastro intestinal problems. Thus, it is the pet owner’s duty to help them relieve from this pain. VetApprovedRx offers medication named Proviable DC for Dogs and Cats by Nutramax.

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To help solve this issue, certain companies have started producing microencapsulated bacteria to help protect them. Ideally, a good probiotic should be able to pass through the dog's digestive juices and stay in the digestive tract long enough. It's a good idea to look for the number of probiotics in a product on the product's label and to look for a guarantee proving that the company stands behind the quantity and viability of its probiotics explains veterinarian , who works for Nestlé Purina PetCare. Common probiotic products often recommended by veterinarians include Purina's Fortiflora, Iams ProstoraMax and Nutramax Proviable-DC. If you think your dog would benefit from probitics, consult with your vet for the best recommendation.…regimen for regaining intestinal tract balance. 80-ct Capsules are ideal for long-term maintenance. For dogs and cats. 15 ml Proviable-KP Paste w/10 capsules For cats and dogs under 20 lbs 30 ml Proviable-KP Paste w/10 capsules For dogs over 20 lbs 80 ct Proviable-DC Capsules For dogs & cats all…