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-DISCLAIMER for PET CLOTHING: Pets are mischievous and free spirited by nature, and we want to ensure their safety while wearing our creations. For that reason, human, adult supervision is REQUIRED while pets are wearing hats, knit collars, apparel, and accessories from All You Need is Pug. Do not place clothing on dogs in warm or hot temperatures, as overheating can occur. Please also make certain that your dog does not chew any part of out pet clothing, as torn pet apparel, buttons, and loose pieces are a choking hazard. Do not allow your pet to chew or consume any packaging materials.

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All of All You Need is Pug's knits are made by hand because it gives us the opportunity to work with each of our customers and their pets on an individual basis. No two dogs are exactly alike in shape, size, or personality. Creating unique items for each and every customer allows us to make certain that All You Need is Pug hats and accessories will fit well, look fabulous, and feel comfortable. Each knit or crochet item from our shop takes approximately 2-3 hours to create, depending upon the size and level of detail, so you know that passion and precision is put into every stitch.

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Because every week is fashion week for a pug! <3 | See more about Pet accessories, A pug and For dogs. Thanks for your comment. I too think pugs are cute but many of their health issues are a result of the features that make them so appealing (bulgy eyes, squashed face, even the curly tail has links to spinal problems). No breed, or any animal for that matter, should be seen as an accessory, and it’s very sad that many are treated as such. That said, those who do have ‘handbag dogs’ usually don’t mean the dog any harm and its often just a lack of knowledge or awareness that’s the issue – as opposed to some status dog owners who actively cause pain to their dogs to make them more aggressive.

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There are different types of accessories that pet owners can buy for their pugs. These accessories can be functional and they can also be decorative. A lot of dog owners love to pamper their dogs and spending a few bucks on accessories isn’t really a big deal. The most common dog accessory that you can get for your pug is the dog collar. The dog collar isn’t just a fashion statement for the dog but it also serves a very

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