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Size does matter when it comes to puppy bowls. Your puppy may not be able to comfortably eat from a too-small, too-tall or too-deep bowl. Like Goldilocks, you'll want to find one that's "just right" for your puppy and the adult dog he'll become.

Two dogs from local animal shelters are representing Chicago in this year’s Puppy Bowl.

Pendergrass hopes the national attention from the Puppy Bowl will help the small shelter where money is tight and donations of supplies, food and sturdy dog toys are needed daily.

2 Chicago-Area Dogs to Play in 'Puppy Bowl' | NBC Chicago

The Puppy Bowl will feature 39 dogs from rescues and shelters across 22 states. Puppy Bowl XI is this Sunday… so many parties, but how can your Puppy Bowl shindig stand out? It’s all about the chow. Join us to learn all about dog-themed party snacks for the pet parents and the people who love them.

Dog from local animal shelter featured in 'Puppy Bowl' |

It’s a Midwest tradition that this California girl had to look up on Wikipedia. Named after it’s resemblance to dog food, puppy chow starts with Chex, Crispix, or Kix cereal coated in a mixture of chocolate and butter, and dusted with powdered sugar. Serve at every game night, movie marathon, and Puppy Bowl party in bright colored dog bowls. Note: This is not dog-friendly (but it’s super people-friendly!).

2 Chicago-area dogs to play in 2017 Puppy Bowl | WGN-TV

Foster, a 19-week-old Bernese mountain dog mix, rescued by One Tail at a Time, claimed a spot on the roster for Animal Planet's annual Puppy Bowl XIII, airing at 2 p.m. Feb. 5.It's the annual fur-tastic battle on the grand gridiron of Puppy Bowl Stadium. Celebrating all that is right with the world, Puppy Bowl is a competition of cute and a dedication to dogged determination.Any trip to the pet store will provide a plethora of dog bowl choices. You'll find many different sizes, materials and colors to choose from. But does size, shape, and material matter when it comes to finding the right bowl for your pup? Of course, a bowl isn't as important as the quality and freshness of the food and water being put into but, there are definitely a few factors to consider when making your puppy's bowl choices.As a and a Labrador Retriever owner we run into two problems quite often. First of all, as a puppy raiser I take my dog everywhere and often times need a nice traveling dog bowl for both feeding and giving my puppies water.