Pure Balance Dog Food Review - Cheap Kibble or Quality Chow?

my dog has epilepsy and had seizures about once a month, they were very terrible cluster seizures and we have tried many grain free foods but only pure balance, lamb and rice formula seems to be truly working for her, she has not had a seizure since she started on pure balance, she does take phenobarbitol 30 milligrams twice a day but at this point there are reasons to believe she might be able to be weened off her pills, l’m too afraid of actually going ahead and doing that yet. so she gets no beef, corn or wheat, the doctor said no milk but we discussed it, and found that she has no problem with milk and cheese and Skippy jess and planters I’ll make a natural peanut butter that house palm kernel oil salt and sugar and peanut none of the triggers so she gets that for her treats also to take her pills with you can bake some easy treats with peanut butter rice flour and water, and pretty much the same thing with cheese rice flour and water maybe an egg, I also avoid chicken and soy.

Get this amazing deal on pure balance salmon and pea all dry dog food, 11 lbs from Pure Balance?

Salmon and Pea is used for the review, and at the end of the review, says
“Pure Balance Grain Free is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of salmon and salmon meal as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

We've gone with the pea and salmon flavors for this one.

Our rat terrier wasn't sure what to think of the Pure Balance Grain Free Salmon and Pea Dog Food Started my Bluetick Coonhound on the Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice after he refused to touch the Grain Free Salmon & Pea. He loves this dog food and has helped him gain some weight (which he needed). We do have to soak it in water for a bit as he is older and has a hard time with dry food (the wet food would be too expensive). My local WalMart sold this for $31.88 for 30lbs.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon vs Pure Balance ..

I have been feeding my dog Blue and he was happy with it. Not long enough when my doctor removed me from work for a heart condition that I have, I went to walmart and saw pure balance, So I decided to feed him the salmon and pea one and he has been eating it with out any problems. Just yesterday I decided to feed him the chicken one after the salmon runs out. Glad to purchase this food at an affordable price. Great job guys my dog is happy with it and so am I

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