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And dogs are nearly identical to wolves genetically. And their digestive tract has hardly changed at all either. Most vets have little to no training in nutrition or how nutrition affects overall health. The vets I’ve worked with recommend the foods that come from companies that buy them expensive lunches and taut their studies. Big business can afford studies, dogs and wolves can’t. Though at least once a month my vet tells me how lucky my dogs are because I’ve done my own research and I feed them so well, and she asks my advice on ocassion when she has a client that wants to treat the cause of a problem(commercial foods) instead of just treating the symptoms. So I don’t think that she even thinks Purina and Science Diet are the best any more. My cat vet never did.

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For dogs, in general, feeding dry food may be slightly better than canned food with regards to plaque and buildup. Compared to dry food, moist food can become more easily trapped in the crevices around your pet's teeth and may provide a substrate for bacterial growth. Wild dogs that eat fresh meat and small bones may have slightly reduced tarter to that of domesticated pets who eat dry food only, but they have equivalent periodontal disease. There are some dry dog foods that are definitely better for your pet's teeth, like Prescription Diet Canine T/d and Purina Dental Health for Canines.

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health benefits, garlic has been linked to Heinz body anemia in dogs.

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