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Pet Brands Rac Dog Car Harness. A car harness that easily converts to a walking harness. Adjustable collar and chest straps works with any seatbelt. Sizes are for maximum chest measurement. Size Guide: 12-16″ Small 16-23″ Medium 20-30″ Large 26-42″ Jumbo

RAC Dog Car Harness

It is good that independent testing is being carried out on dog car harnesses, both those sold as tested and un-tested. Many of our customers (we have a dog product website in the UK) tell us they thought all car harnesses for dogs were required by law to be tested in order to be sold for the purpose of dog car safety. Certainly here in the UK car harness manufacturers have for too long hidden behind broad claims on their products, such as ‘designed by a vet’ or ‘developed by the RAC’ which have been misleading the public for a long time.

Pet Brands RAC Advanced 2 In 1 Car Safety Harness For Dogs Medium

RAC Dog Car Harness Dog Breeds I have an RAC dog car harness for my greyhound. ?, My dog seems to get herself tied in knots with the harness when she tries to stand up. The harness pulls tight due to the seat belt inertia. Does anyone ...

I have an RAC dog car harness for my greyhound

Overall it takes just a couple of minutes to secure your dog and it is time well spent to save you, your passengers and your beloved pet from serious injury. In an RAC survey, 88% of us agreed that the use of dog car harnesses is an important safety measure however, 60% of us had never used a harness/seat belt for our pet. We are a nation of dog lovers and we look after them as we would any other member of our family, don't we?

05/09/14--11:12: Large 2 in 1 RAC DOG CAR HARNESS : Norwich : £3.50.