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Dogs are always ready for dinner, so feel good about what you feed man’s best friend. Dinner for Dogs (The Experiment, 2012) allows you to do just that. Author and devoted dog lover Henrietta Morrison dishes out 50 tasty, nutritious and easy-to-make recipes to ensure our dogs eat the same quality of food as we do throughout their lives. The following excerpt from “Tasty Treats” explains why homemade dog treats trump ready-made treats available in stores, and offers some recipes for you to try.

Here’s the recipe for my homemade dog treats. Be sure to let me know how your pooch loves them!

Before making this recipe for Easy & Healthy Homemade Dog Treats, I did check to make sure that all the ingredients are OK for most dogs to have. However, make sure you check the ingredients list to make sure your four-legged friend isn’t allergic to a specific ingredient.

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This homemade dog treat by  looks like a great beginner recipe for making pup treats. Anybody who’s ever watched me cook knows I’ve never been one to follow a recipe exactly (or measure, for that matter). But as a general rule, as long as you keep the proportions of liquid to dry ingredients in perspective (most of the homemade dog treat recipes I use seem to do well with about 1 part liquid to 3 parts dry), you can add or subtract ingredients to your heart’s content.

Good-Dog Treats - 6 Recipes for Homemade Dog Treats - Cooking Light

These recipes use ingredients that most of us already have on hand and are simple to make. But the best thing is you'll know exactly what goes into each one. Your dog will be healthier and happy for the time you took to make these homemade dog treats and you'll have peace-of-mind knowing exactly what has gone into each and every morsel.

Oct 6, 2013 - Three easy recipes for healthy homemade dog treats.

Making homemade snacks for your four-legged friend is a breeze with this simple peanut butter dog treat recipe. Pups will love the peanut butter flavor!It’s National Dog Day – a day to celebrate the love and companionship of dogs everywhere. And what’s better received by your canine friend than something edible? Homemade dog treats make a great project for kids – helping them create a special treat for their pup is rewarding to them both, and the smell of cinnamon baking is good for your own mental well-being too: according to a recent study, the odour of cinnamon enhanced participants’ cognitive processing.Believe it or not, making your own dog treats isn’t that complicated. With so many people opting for homemade rather than store bought treat for their dogs, there is no shortage of great recipes for you to try.The best homemade dog treat recipes your dog has ever had come from your own kitchen! So take a peek into our recipe box and choose from your favorite and . Next, grab your apron, and let's start baking!Dog Treat Recipes for Every Want & Need: